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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New Pocahontas Dare to Dream Walgreens Beauty Entire Makeup Collection Photos & Swatches

See my real life excitement over this collection in my HAUL VIDEO!

If you have been hunting for the Pocahontas Dare to Dream collection from Walgreens, this is the post for you!

 It seems the bags are Soho, nail polishes are Orly, and the makeup is distributed from Walgreens, so I don't really know who the manufacturer is.

 The only item I skipped out on was Follow Your Path (the bright blue nail polish) in full size because the same color is in the three pack kit.

Just Around the River Bend Mini Kit
Fly Like Flit - orange shimmer
Colors of the Wind - multicolored glitter
Follow Your Path - blue neon creme

Have Courage - yellow-orange
Living Earth - teal
Listen to Your Heart - hot pink

Look at this packaging! Just beautiful, I don't even want to throw it away!

Probably should have skipped out on this one. Doesn't have much of a scent, and not really a great balm on its own anyway. The only positive thing is I'm glad they put the writing and design on the inside purple tube, instead of on the outside of the clear lid where it would likely rub off very easily.

The liner and gloss are just okay, but everything else in this book I love just from the swatches already. The eyeshadows and cheek products are surprisingly pigmented and I can't wait to play around with all this new stuff tomorrow morning as I do my makeup!

This was what I was most excited about for some reason. The compass packaging! The leaf pattern! It's just so beautiful! The brush, however, is useless, but I think we all could have assumed that.

And here are some pics for those of you hunting for the other princesses.

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Loreal La Lacque & Le Matte Lip Colour Review

La Lacque
I picked up the shade Choco-Lacque 209. From the packaging, I thought it would be a dusty rose nude color, but the name told me otherwise. It's more brown than I was thinking. I wish the packaging was more true to the product color on these items. The Maybelline Color Blur Lip Colors (at least the two I picked up) have packaging very true to color.

This product has the same scent as the traditional Loreal Lipsticks. It reminds me of a darker version of Loreal's Fairest Nude, a cult favorite nude lipstick. I see this being a great nude on anybody, especially those who enjoy the more brown side of nudes, or the 90's brown lip trend that has come back into popularity.

The consistency is like that of a gloss, which as you may know, I am not a fan of glosses most of the time. It is a very thick feeling product on the lips and I'm not sure how I like that. However, the sticky thickness of it helps it last so it doesn't just go sliding off your lips. And for the price, it should be staying put, if you ask me. It's a bit of a pricey drugstore lip product.
It does transfer, which of course is not a surprise, I just thought I'd mention it.
Overall, I think this might be a decent alternative for those who hate glosses but want a glossy look to the lips. It doesn't feel too wet or uncomfortable, yet it keeps a high shine gloss finish to the lips.

Le Matte
I picked up the shade Matte-R of Fact 108. From the packaging, I thought it would be a very bright berry-pink, but it's actually more on the vampy side on the lips.

I have mixed feelings about this product. It went on really opaque and smoothly. It felt lightweight just like the Maybelline Color Blur Lip Colors, but after just a couple of hours, this color started to bleed past my lip line A LOT. More than pretty much any lip product I've come across. Then because it's such a deep color, it stained the skin, so I looked like a fool the rest of the day after I removed it. LOL. If I had a concealer or something on hand I could have doctored it up a bit, but I was very disappointed with my initial impression of this one. I'm not one to consistently remember to apply lip liner first, so for me, this product is a bummer. However, with a lip liner, it looks awesome and crisp. If you always wear a lip liner, I think you'll enjoy this product. But if you're like me and hardly ever use lip liner, this could end up being a tragedy. So keep your eye on your lips if you're prone to bleeding!

The color lasts a long time and does leave a stain behind (as I learned from the bleeding incident). It feels pretty good on the lips. Only after about five hours do I start to feel like I want to add some lip balm (and by that time, it needs to be reapplied anyway, the insides are just starting to fade a little). It doesn't behave strangely with lip balm on top either, which is great. You can add moisture without messing up the entire lip look. Of course, a balm on top can take away the matte-ness though.

If you'd like to see my original haul blog post, you can see it here!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Loreal True Match Lumi Powder Review + Swatches

Here's the original haul blog post if you're also interested in the new release of the Le Matte & La Lacque lip products from Loreal too! 

Upon first application, I dabbed the darker sections and used as a sort of blush. The two lighter sections are great as eyeshadows or used lightly as a highlight. I used the largest shade as my highlight, the top shade as my blush, and the right side shade as a shadow all over

It's not too shimmery if you just tap your brush on it. If you swirl the brush, it picks up a ton of product and it looks very obvious even on my light skin. It doesn't quite blend in and look like a natural glow when you use too much. 

It also kicks up a lot of powder if you swirl it (see below picture). This powder is very soft, so I just dab my brush in it. 

After 11 hours on my face, I can still see the glow from this product. The rest of my face is also oily and shiny, but I can definitely tell where the highlighter is. I'm unsure if I like the way it looked when I applied the deeper shade as a blush. I think that it's a pretty color, but the glow that it catches in certain light is not quite the look I'm going for. So overall, this is a gorgeous highlight and I love applying the shades on my lid with a finger for an easy eye look too. 

As for the packaging, I actually quite like it. It has a very large mirror in the bottom and it feels like a nice weight. The brush I haven't used, but I think it would be nice for highlighting since it is thin. The outside rose gold, however, I'm not such a big fan of because it's only an overlay, mine has already been scratched off a bit as I removed the little sticker that seals the product shut in the store. The color is gorgeous of course, but I just think it's going to look worn really quickly. 

Overall, I think the Walgreen's price of $12.99 is a bit pricey, but I enjoy this enough to keep it. If you come across it at a more affordable store like Walmart or Target, I would definitely recommend this!

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Lip Monthly June 2015 Overview Reviews, Swatches, Pictures

Jelly Pong Pong Lip/Cheek Cream
This had a lot more color pay off than I was expecting. It is also way creamier than I expected too. It looks like a watermelon color in the pot, but on the cheeks I feel like it comes off with just a bit of a berry undertone that makes it really wearable for me personally. The cheek stain lasts all day with no fading. I was really surprised and impressed by that in particular. It's a little dry for use on my lips, so I don't prefer it that way, but it's great as a cheek product.

J-Cat Flying Solo Eyeshadow
This shadow is pigmented and a beautiful color. I think it's a great one shadow eyeshadow for brown eyes. I love a good basic dark smoky eye with my hooded brown eyes. The color lasts really well and I don't notice any fading. It blends really nicely up into the crease without going patchy or strange. It's a really nice quality shadow. I like using it alongside the brown eyeshadow crayon from this month's Ipsy bag too.

So Susan Colour Hybrid Lip/Cheek Stain
This lip product actually does not transfer very badly. It's surely not transfer-proof, but it's not as bad as a traditional lipstick.
This stain has a hydrating feel to it; however, I don't really feel that it's a stain. When I wipe my lips, the product all disappears.
I would recommend removing this product before eating. It does something weird when I eat with it on. It seems to separate and it feels almost grainy in texture after eating, so I had to remove it and reapply anyway. Once again, I just wouldn't call this a "stain," but it's a nice lip product.

Be a Bombshell Lipstick - Hollywood
This lipstick is somewhat sheer. It's not a full on opaque lipstick in just one or two swipes. I prefer a lipstick to be more full coverage. This is just an average lipstick if you ask me.

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