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Monday, November 23, 2015

My Henna and Indigo Hair - Light Mountain Black, Burgundy, & Henna Dream Black Hair Dye

So you may have seen my updated henna hair post from this past summer! Well, I've changed it up again so let me show you and tell you a bit about it.

Light Mountain Black Henna/Indigo Dye Results
I loved my red henna hair (Light Mountain Bright Red). It was magnificent, so vibrant, and just great looking. The color stayed sooo well and it never faded. The only reason I needed to re-do was for my roots. However, even though I loved it, I just wanted to change things up and see if I could get my hair black with henna and indigo. That was the color I was going for when I first began this journey last year. And yes, "journey" is the correct word to use because henna/indigo is a journey. It can turn out different on every hair color and type, sometimes you have to build up your color with 2-3 or even more applications (as you'll see here or have seen in the other post links here)! But it's a smooth journey at least, it gradually changes your hair, so even if you don't get the color you want right off the bat, it still looks beautiful and natural.

Ok, so let's talk about this process. I last henna-d my hair red 7 weeks ago. (I was actually just doing the top red and the underneath portions of my hair was black/burgundy, but you mostly just noticed the red because it was on top, just FYI).

Results of Light Mountain Burgundy & Henna Dream Black 

I had some leftover dyes and figured, hey, let's just use these up. So I mixed together Light Mountain Burgundy and Henna Dream Black dyes. The ratio was probably something like 1 part Burgundy to 2 parts Black. And This gave me a beautiful deep chocolate brown! It was gorgeous and I definitely could have just left it at that. But I kept on trucking in this journey to see what I could get. Talk about going from one extreme to the other... Ha.

Light Mountain Black
But instead I ordered a box of Light Mountain Black to see just how dark we could get this hair! It was about a week in between applications.

I used about half of the box because I was only going to do the top portion of my hair (since, like I mentioned earlier, I had already been dying the lower half dark anyway). I just used warm water from the tap and didn't add anything to the mixture. I applied it immediately and left it on my hair for 3 hours.

Light Mountain Black - (left on for 3 hours)

During this waiting time my henna/indigo got a crazy metallic purple/green sheen to it which I've never witnessed before. My husband thought it was going to turn my hair purple (which I would have been okay with honestly lol). But it all turned out fine. I rinsed it out twice with conditioner (no shampoo!!! I always wait 48 hours to shampoo).

Indigo stained fingers after first blow dry

As I blow dried my hair (because I'm impatient and must see the results in their full glory immediately) I could see the blue of the indigo on my fingers when I ran them through my hair. (I could have done an extra conditioner rinse). But I'd never noticed that before with any of the other henna/indigo mixtures/brands I've used before. The indigo dye really released well this time around! I don't know if it's the brand or the fact that I didn't use super hot water to mix it with, but it turned out great.

Light Mountain Black Results
Now it's just time to see how it lasts. Will it fade a bit upon first shampoo? Will it stick around for weeks and months just as intense as red henna? Only time will tell and I'll definitely keep you guys updated.

Do you henna/indigo your hair?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi! Gorgeous hair! Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm excited to try henna! First, since this post was awhile ago, are you still using Light Mountain? If so, do you add anything to the mix now? I've heard egg, tea, coffee, or lemon juice. Thanks! :) - Dee

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