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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Christmas Haul - from my boyfriend Justin

So... my boyfriend Justin decided it would be cool if he bought me a bunch of makeup for Christmas so I could do a haul about it all!  Awesome idea dear!  I had no say in any of these products, Justin sent me off to shop on my own while he hunted the makeup isles, a task I'm sure was somewhat intimidating.  I know if he sent me into Home Depot or Lowes and just said, buy me a bunch of stuff I like, I would be totally lost.  One day while we were at one of these home improvement stores, I said to him, "now I know what you feel like when we walk down the makeup isles at Walmart."  Looking at all the sets of drill bits and tiny tools that boys evidently need, I don't even know where to begin because they all look the same to me, I'm sure that's how he feels when we spend time in the cosmetics department. Lol. :)

So here we go.  I've included some pictures of everything he bought me and this is the video link...

Now for swatches just in case you're interested!


 Thanks for reading!

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