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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Flower Beauty Skincognito Stick Foundation (SF1) Review

Day 1 First Impressions - So today I wore this foundation from 9 am until 8:30 pm and I think it held up very well throughout the day.  It did show a little bit of shine on my cheeks, where I usually get oily, about halfway through the day, but it wasn't super horrible and nothing a little blotting or re-powdering couldn't fix.  When I put it on this morning at first I was super disappointed, the coverage was super light, like hardly covered anything.  I just used my fingers to blend it all in but I could still see every little freckle on my nose and I had a zit on my cheek that it did not cover whatsoever.  So I put on another layer and a little extra in places I needed concealing (I didn't use a separate concealer today) and I was MUCH happier with the outcome. The finish was super nice and I just loved the way it turned out after that second layer.  I also powdered on top because the finish was a bit too shiny for what I like.  So I did feel somewhat oily after a couple hours of wear, but not as bad as I usually feel with pretty much any other foundation.  I didn't really examine the color in direct sunlight yet, so I'm not sure if it matches me perfectly, but inside in regular lighting I think it fits pretty well.  It didn't oxidize any, that I noticed, which is awesome.  I hate when a foundation matches you perfectly when you put it on in the morning, then by lunchtime you look orange.  
Day 4 Update - I have been wearing this foundation for 4 days straight and I think I like it.  I no longer feel super oily underneath the foundation like I did on the first day.  The first day I wore it was the only day it made me feel/look oily, maybe I was just having a bad skin day.  I love the way it wears and I feel like it looks its best after a couple hours of wear, it looks more like skin and I love the finish after those couple of hours.  At first it does look somewhat cakey and fake, you can definitely tell you're wearing foundation, but I guess after it has had some time to settle into the skin, it looks more natural.  It keeps my skin tone evened out and looks flawless all day (9+ hours).  Like I said, it hasn't covered my zit very well, and also I have noticed that it does not flatter the dry spots on my skin, they look flaky and just not good, but then again, I haven't been using a good moisturizer underneath lately.  I think it kinda gives off a white cast in flash photos because my face always looks way whiter than my neck and the rest of my body when I take photos, but when I take a picture without flash, but maybe my phone's camera is funky, but I don't really know what the deal is because the foundation matches my skin pretty well in person.

To sum up...
-Love the finish after it has time to settle in the skin (about 2 hours for me)
-Buildable coverage (medium-sheer to [not quite] full)
-Doesn't make me feel/look like a grease ball
-Decent price (about $9)
-Easy application (stick form = great for travel, blends very well)
-Makes dry spots look flaky 
-May leave a white cast in flash photos
-Looks cakey when first applied
-Doesn't cover zits well

I've really been impressed with all of the products I have tried from this line and I hope they will continue expanding and enhancing their products for the future, I hope this line is successful and sticks around for awhile.  I also really want to try the Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplets stackle lip products, but the Walmarts around me don't carry them yet. If you would like to see my review of the first two products I tried from Flower Beauty, you can watch my YouTube video review here or check out the blog post here for the initial review & here for an updated review.  I hope this review was helpful!

Thanks for reading!

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