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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lush Henna Caca Noir on Short Medium Brown Hair Before & After Second Application

This blog post covers the second time I've henna-ed my hair, if you want to see other posts/videos about previous times, etc. check out these links...

(this is the video from the first portion of what you'll read here today)

outdoors, overcast day, phone camera, no flash (hair is still somewhat greasy from the henna)

15 min to apply 
left on 3 hours uncovered 11/13
left on overnight (8 hours) covered 11/18-19

I used 1/4 of the entire brick this time around on my short hair (it took the whole thing when my hair was really long). I grated the entire thing, added about 2/3 cup water, and the consistency was wonderful, not chunky.  The mess was not bad at all, probably because of the nice consistency I ended up with, but also maybe because my hair is way shorter than before and it took less time to complete.  Less time = less chance for mess I believe. :)

indoors, bathroom lighting, filmed on my video camera
As you can see in this "before" picture, the top portions of my hair are a little lighter than the underneath sections.  When you scroll down and see more of the "after" pictures, you can still see that difference in my hair.  I like it.  The Lush Henna allows your natural high and low-lights to still shine through.

first application, uncovered

Left uncovered 3 hours. In picture below, my hair was still a little greasy (could have rinsed it one extra time), so it looks a little darker than it ended up the next day after a good rinse.

indoor, bathroom lighting, filmed on my video camera (hair is still somewhat greasy from the henna)


I applied the henna twice this time, a few days apart.  I kept reading in various reviews that the color would intensify if you built the color up on top of itself like so.  I didn't find that it was really that big of a difference in the depth of the color, but one thing I did learn is that the second time (when I covered my hair and slept on it) is that the color took on almost a purple-y tint instead of a dark brown color.  Everything I read said if you want more red color, cover it, and if you want more blue-black, leave it uncovered.  I think covering it over night did really bring out the red.  After all, henna is red and indigo is blue, and red and blue make purple.

Just as before, my hair is so super soft and shiny after henna-ing it.  I am happy with the color and I think I will be able to tell more this time around when it starts to fade, so I will let you guys know how long it lasts.  The first time I henna-ed it, I could never really see my roots growing out, some days my hair appeared darker, other days it just seemed like it was back to normal, so I'm unsure how long it really lasts.  This time I will try my best to keep an eye on it and report back here for you guys.

second application, wrapped up and ready for bed

A few days later, I decided to apply it again (for experiment sake) just to see if it would intensify/last longer/do anything different.  This time I left it on overnight (8 hours) covered in saran wrap, with a bandanna on top just for some extra protection.  (Overnight sometimes I would wake up and the bandanna was slipping off, but the saran wrap stayed put all night really well. Also put a towel over my pillow just in case, but it was all good in the end.)

indoors, bathroom lighting, filmed on my video camera

indoors, bathroom lighting, taken on phone camera, no flash

indoors, bathroom lighting, no flash, probably the most true to color pics I have

indoors, bathroom lighting, no flash, probably the most true to color pics I have

This is my second time henna-ing my hair (both with Caca Noir).  I still believe it all depends on your own hair color to begin with.  I see pictures of really dark black hair after using this stuff, but even after applying it twice and leaving it on overnight, my hair is still not black.  It is very dark though and I love it, but it just wasn't what I was expecting from all of the reviews I've come across.  That's why I want to keep posting about this for my readers.  Everyone's hair is different.  If your hair color is similar to mine, I hope this is helpful and true to how your own henna could turn out.  Please send me pics if you've henna-ed your own!  I love seeing how everyone ends up with different colors!  @lainamarie91 on instagram


This would not be a good science experiment, there were too many variables lol.  I hope I gave you enough information to help you decide what you want to do with your henna experience though!

Thanks so much for reading!

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