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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Boots Expert Sensitive Skincare Kit Review

As you can see from the little red tag on the box, I found this handy little kit on clearance at my local Target. No, I don't need more moisturizers (see picture below), but facial wipes? I am always on the hunt to try new face wipes!

This is a very generous tub of moisturizer. I don't know if I'll ever use it up! (again, see picture above)
This is a nice, lightweight feeling moisturizer. It has a thick consistency in the tub but it absorbs super quickly into the skin and feels like nothing! This is excellent for my oily skin!
It also smells good. The scent reminds me of the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream spf 15, which was a moisturizer I just finished up and liked a lot!

Unlike the facial moisturizer from this kit, this eye cream stays tacky and moist instead of drying down to nothing. This feeling makes it seem like the eye cream is doing a lot of work for you! I haven't seen any reduction in fine lines around my eyes since beginning using this however (it's been about a month).

The wipes are actually pretty nice. I have tried quite a few different brands of makeup removing wipes in my beauty blogger/youtuber career, and these are about average. I would say they are on par with the Yes To brand, which is one of my favorites. One wipe will remove all of my face and eye makeup and I do not need to do a lot of scrubbing. The wipes don't sting my eyes either, which of course is great. 

Overall, this whole kit was really nice and I was glad to have to opportunity to try out quite a few products all at once. The moisturizer and eye cream were very generous sizes and the makeup wipes are always something nice to have on hand. So for the discounted price of under $8.00, I would recommend this little kit! Even for the regular price of $14.99, I still think it's a good buy. 

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