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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lush Caca Rouge Henna Hair Dye - Before & After - Dark Hair - Lots of Pictures

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First night, blow dried.

all flat ironed

There was a little bit of staining around my hairline (you can see it a little right above the part in my hair in the picture).

I am obsessed. I think this is my new favorite! I can't get over this color.

Judging by how this stained my feet, I thought for sure my hair was going to be bright orange! I'd show you a pic, but some people are grossed out by feet, so we'll just not do that. My feet were stained because this is a messy process. I dyed my sister's hair and she did mine. We just laid down an old sheet on the kitchen floor and went to work. The fallout covered the sheet and therefore I did step in it at times, hence why I had orange stained feet for a day or two lol. This Rouge stains like regular ole henna that you might apply to your skin. Noir never stained my skin.

It stained a little bit around my hairline in some spots. It was nothing intense though and it faded away in the next couple of days (even before my first wash). We didn't use Vaseline or anything around the hairline either if you're wondering.

I left this particular batch on for nearly 5 hours covered in a shower cap. I rinsed it out outside with the garden hose with the help of my husband (excellent idea). I was afraid it would stain the shower tub badly since it stained my feet so intensely, so I rinsed as much as I could in the yard before stepping inside to wash it out in the shower. I rinsed it with straight conditioner about 4-5 times in the shower to get it all out. 

The night that I washed it out, it looked like it had a bit more orange to it. But in the morning, it was a deep red color. I feel like the lighter portions of my hair (like the bangs) still has more orange to it. It looks so gorgeous in the sunlight now!

I like to wait about two days before washing again and when I do, I just use conditioner without shampoo. I try to only wash with shampoo once or twice per week when it's freshly henna'd. 

I even feel like this has made my hair much more conditioned than the Caca Noir. I feel like my hair is super soft and very lightweight. It even feels less tangle-y. My hair turned out great and not oily at all (which was something I always noticed about the Noir) 

If you want to see my results with Noir, the links are right below. :)

Second Henna Experience w/ Caca Noir applied twice

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  1. Did it stain your patio or shower in the end? I'm concerned i'll stain everything!