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Friday, September 29, 2017

13 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Week ending Sept. 26, 2017.
Due Date: April 3, 2018

Okay, I can officially say my first trimester weigh gain total is at 5 pounds! I must have been having a bad week a couple weeks ago when I was up to 7. I know it's only a couple pounds, but it really made my day when I stepped on the scale to see that I gained within the recommended amount for the first trimester this time!
I'm feeling Mr. Baby moving everyday these days. Of course, it's not very consistent or predictable, but I definitely feel the movement every day.

I've been ready to wake up in the mornings better than usual. I actually get out of bed instead of hitting snooze too many times. That gives me time to do both my hair and makeup and makes me feel much happier throughout the day, I feel like less of a hobo, which is always nice.
Still napped a lot over the weekend and wanted to pass out at like 6 on Sunday, but I still think overall, I have been having more energy.

Physical Symptoms:
It's definitely feeling more solid above my pubic bone, so I guess I'd say I can finally feel my uterus.
Super oily skin seems to be beginning.
Headaches are still being dumb.

I must brag a little, I've been super behaving myself this week. I've been really watching what I'm eating and keeping track of my calories to not go overboard and it actually seems to have paid off.

Sleep & Dreams:
After I get up for my middle of the night pee, it's been hard for me to fall back asleep easily.
Still having weird dreams. Another one about smoking. One that was borderline scary but I don't recall exactly what was going on.

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Actually doing my hair and looking put together 3 days this week! And also being able to film a video for my lainamarie91 channel, haven't done that in way too long!

Anything I Miss:

Random Thoughts:
Justin and I have had a named picked out for a couple weeks now, but neither of us really use it to refer to new baby yet. I'm sure it has at least a little to do with the fact that we're unsure if we trust our gender reveal and we're waiting on the ultrasound.

Alaina & Tiny Baby #2

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