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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Important Information on my Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation Review

   This is some very important information regarding a review I did on the New Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation.  Although I have deleted both the youtube video review and the portion of a blog post covering that product, I find that it is very important to set things straight.  I tried the foundation and during my testing of it for a full day, I found that this foundation had shimmers in it and returned the foundation that very same day.  While looking at other reviews on this product, and through comments on that very video, I began to question whether it actually had shimmer in it because I was not finding that anyone else had reported that same property of this foundation.

    So I was super confused, but I needed to figure out what the deal was.  I went back and repurchased that foundation, wore it all day, and never noticed a single shimmer on my face.  I do not know what the issue was the day that I shot the footage to review on youtube.  I did not wear any blush, bronzer, highlight or anything.  I also only wore a cream eyeshadow, so there would not have been any fallout from my eyeshadows to cause the shimmer.  I guess it has to come down to the tools I used to apply the foundation.  I don't know how I got shimmer on them, but that is the only logical way that these shimmers showed up in the foundation.  I must have had shimmer on my sponge or the powder brush I used to apply a setting powder on top of this foundation.  There is not shimmer in the foundation.  I tested the whole thing out one more time and I assure you, I made a huge mistake in my original review.

   I am unbelievably sorry for this huge mistake on my part.  I am glad someone pointed it out before the word got out to too many people.  I am sincerely sorry for any decisions made for or against this product because of my video and review.  I deleted the video so no one else would be influenced by this mistake and have included this post as a link in the videos where I talked about this review.  (I feel like I did back in high school when we had to write science lab reports and account for any possible human error) This was definitely a horrible error on my part and I really hope you can continue to trust my input on product reviews in the future.

   Again, I am genuinely sorry and cannot believe I made such a mistake while applying my foundation for the review video.  I hope that all of my subscribers can understand my sincerity and can still trust my opinions in future videos.  I have made the decision that "first impressions" are not the best way to go about talking about a product.  I will always try in the future to think through the entire process of my makeup "experiments" so that this human error does not occur again.




My Final Review (If you still care at this point & still can trust my input)

   Although this foundation did make me feel oily after only a couple hours of wear during the day, I did like the finish of it.  It has a soft matte finish that can look very natural.  It looks matte but also doesn't look like a super fake matte, it has a bit of glow in some lighting, which I find is very nice.  I felt oily, but I did not look oily at all.  It covered a lot of redness and minor discoloration and evened out skin tone excellently.  This foundation did make my pores look super big when used alone, but when I used a primer underneath, they were totally fine.  It lasts all day long and still looks gorgeous after a long day and it held up just as well without a setting powder as it did with one.  It did not feel sticky when left it alone without a powder on top.

   However, like I said before, it made me feel oily and gross.  And my other downside was the color.  The first foundation I purchased was in Classic Ivory 810 and the second was in Ivory 805.  810 was a tid bit too dark for me and 805 had sooo much of a pink undertone that I just could not wear it.  I do not think I have ever tried a foundation that looked as pink as 805 did on me.  810 suited me a bit better as far as the undertone went, but as I said, it was little too dark for my pale winter skin. 

   I will be returning this foundation once again because I am satisfied with my current foundation and the feeling of oiliness that I got with this Covergirl foundation is one issue that I do not compromise on when it comes to a foundation. 

Thank you for reading,

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