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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Beauty Things I Suck At Tag!

Here's my "Beauty Things I Suck At Tag" & I hope you enjoy! :)
Let me know if there are any other tag videos you would like me to do because they are lots of fun to film, especially now that it's getting nicer outside, you guys know I love filming outdoors. lol. :)

First of all, I suck at doing my eyebrows super well.  They are so inconsistent.  Maybe once a week I will get them perfect just the way I like them, but every other day I am disappointed with the tail ends.  I can never seem to get them straight and there isn't a lot of hair on the ends to help me out. lol.  I can get the perfect arch and the perfect inside half but as soon as I try to do the tail, they're just ruined. 

Secondly, I am really bad at pretty much everything that has to do with my finger nails.  I am not careful or patient enough to paint them neatly, I don't keep them all the same length, I just kind of let them do what they want, I pick at my nail polish once I get the tiniest chip, and I also pick at the cuticles and the skin around my nails.  It's horrible and I hate it but I've just never been able to take good care of them, at least I quit biting them. lol. 

Thirdly, mascara on the lower lash line is just a ridiculous problem of mine.  No matter what I do, I always get mascara there! I need thicker lower lashes so the brush bristles don't touch the skin, I think that's the problem :-p

Lastly, I pop my zits.  I think we can leave it at that. 

Thanks for reading!

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