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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flower Beauty Nail'd It Nail Lacquer in NP6 "I Lavendare You" Review

     After trying out the creme eyeshadow & mascara from the Flower Beauty by Drew Barrymore line at Walmart and really loving those products, I finally gave in and picked up a couple other items.   Here is a short review on the nail polish.  The particular color I picked up is in "I Lavendare You!" and it's a gorgeous pastel lavender purple with teeny tiny little cool toned shimmers in it (in different lighting they look silver, blue, pink, purple).  It stood out to me because I don't own any light purple polishes & I felt like it would be a wonderful spring color, but the other colors in the line are gorgeous choices as well.
Dry Time - 4/5 - Dry time is one of the biggest issues I like to know about a nail polish because I am A) not super awesome at painting my nails & B) not very patient about it either.  I hate that because of my lack of patience, I could spend forever doing my nails and making them pretty, then totally have them ruined because I just can't sit still to let them dry for an hour.  They didn't dry crazy fast like by the time you're done with your second hand, the first is all set to go, but they did dry more quickly than some other polishes I typically use (ex: Wet n Wild Megalast & Sinful Colors).

Formula - 4/5 - This polish is a pretty thick consistency which makes it kind of difficult to work with in my opinion.  You may really like using thick polishes, but I find it a little difficult to keep the nail nice and neat when the formula is too thick.  
Color Payoff - 5/5 - Although with the first layer, this polish came off sheer, it wasn't splotchy or streaky and still looked gorgeous.  It could totally be worn with one layer just to give a bit of color to the nails, but I chose to pile on 3 layers just to see what it would take to make them opaque.  In my opinion, this is the perfect polish as far as color is concerned.  It can be worn sheer and still looks beautiful, or you can layer it up and it's an awesome opaque color.  I usually do 3 layers of any polish anyway, so I don't find it to be an issue. 
(apologies for the dry cuticles)
Wear - 4.5/5  - I used no base coat or top coat for this little beauty experiment, just so I could see what the real wear of the genuine product was like.  After the first day I did notice the tiniest bit of wear on the very edges of my nails, but it wasn't a huge deal and they stayed in relatively the same condition the entire time I kept the polish on.  I had no chipping or peeling either.  I won't give it a 5 because they did not stay absolutely perfect, but they still wore very very well and I was pretty impressed, especially without the use of a base or top coat.
     I don't really work with my hands or anything, I think the wear I put on my nails is pretty typical.  I use them to pick and scratch and tap and whatnot, but it's not like I garden or work in the food industry and have to wash my hands a hundred times a day or anything like that.
    This nail polish was under $5 at Walmart, $4.97 or so. I really hope this helped and maybe gave you some idea of the quality of these polishes.

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