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Friday, June 21, 2013

Sinful Colors - Sinful Shine "Wisp" Review

   While at Walgreens the other day, I decided to try out these new Sinful Shine polishes by choosing a simple color - white.  I enjoy reviewing nail polishes because they are inexpensive and there are some basic aspects about them that make it very straight-forward for reviewing.  I believe opacity and wear time are the two most important parts of judging a good polish.

Let's begin by saying I used Sinful Colors Base Coat & Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat with this polish.
Two coats and it's totally opaque.
No major chipping.

The thin, liquidy formula coupled with the funky brush that can leave uneven edges, can really make it difficult to get a nice crisp line around the nail edges.
Shiny but not crazy shine like you would think from its name.
Not quick drying.

DAY 1: Minor chipping on 3/10 fingers (teeny tiny)
DAY 2: Chipping didn't worsen.
DAY 3: Slightly more chipping around edges.  (see picture taken on day 4)
DAY 4: Chipping from Day 3 hasn't worsened, which is good, but just by pushing on the tips of my nails, I can tell the polish is starting to peel.  If I did anything other than office work, I don't think this would hold up very well.  I am ready to take it off.
DAY 5: Took this polish off because it began peeling.  The edges were starting to wear down pretty bad and it was time to take it off.

     Although these polishes are $1 more than the original Sinful Colors line, I do not find them to be any better than the originals.  The formula is very similar as far as the consistency, dry time, etc, except these are all glossy/shiny.  They don't wear any better than the originals either, which is somewhat disappointing.  I know they are still inexpensive, for a dollar more I was honestly expecting at least a slight improvement in the wear time.
     (also, I just wanted to note that this is such a stand out color that any imperfections show up more easily, so that could also contribute to the look of the chipping)
    Overall, this polish did hold up alright, at least the chipping was very minor and not noticable from a distance, you really have to be inspecting the nails to see it.  However, this particular manicure did not last me all week.  For $2.99, this is a pretty decent polish, but I don't really find it to be exceptionally better than the original $1.99 Sinful Colors line.
  I really hope this was helpful, let me know if you have any other review requests!

Thanks for reading!

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