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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Review : ELF Studio Eye Enhancing Eyeshadow Palette - Brown Eyes 1

Check out my ELF haul video here!

These swatches really don't do this palette justice.  These pics were taken as soon as I got the palette.  Using them on the actual eyes with brushes, they perform even better than the swatches look.  It's almost as if there was a film on top of the shadows and once you break through that, they are super pigmented.

Shadows #4 & #6 are matte.  #1 & #2 have shimmer but come off pretty matte on the eye.  #3 is super pigmented so I find the shimmers stay put within the shadow better (does that make sense?). #5 has a sheen to it.
The 2nd and 4th shadows are the only disappointing ones, and it's not like they're super crappy or anything. 
 The 2nd shadow is just not as pigmented as the others, but there is still plenty of color there.  The 4th is a bit chalky.  The others are super pigmented, especially the blue and dark brown!
For $6 (or $3 on sale), I would definitely recommend this palette.

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