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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pacifica 7 Free Nail Polish Review - 1972 Pool Party & Dark Desert Highway - Pictures

See my Pacifica haul video here!

I was so excited to try this nail polish out.  I just love testing new polishes.  This one here may be taking over from Flower Beauty as my #1 favorite nail polish!

It is very opaque.  You could definitely get away with one coat if you're in a hurry, but two coats looks perfect.  That is super awesome.

It also dries pretty quickly too.

I put this polish through one of the ultimate tests - I wore it to my grandpa's property in the country.  Swimming in the creek, riding fourwheelers, picking up firewood, and plenty of other fun stuff can really put some wear on your polish.  But this one survived pretty well.  I saw zero chipping all weekend and only minor wear on the tips by Sunday evening.

Wearing this stuff in a normal setting also proves the wear time.  It can get some small scratches into the surface, but it doesn't effect the color.  Another layer of topcoat would fix that right up.

After three days' wear, this polish holds up well, especially compared to so many others that just start disintegrating at the three day mark.  After 6 days, it has significant wear on the tips, but still zero chipping.  Only after I had to apply a BandAid on my finger and had to take it off, did the polish chip because that bandage pulled some polish off.  But under normal conditions, this stuff lasts all week if you want it to.  Just adding another layer of top coat everything couple days would make it perfect.

Overall, I am super impressed with this nail polish and can't wait to get more colors!

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