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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Makeup Geek Blushes Review, Swatches, Pictures + Some New Eyeshadows

Shown in an extra large Z Palette

This blush set was half price a couple weeks ago and I could not pass it up. I also had to pick up some of the new duochrome eyeshadows after I made this initial purchase too, so you can see those little guys later on in the post.

I paid $48 with shipping included. That comes to about $5.34 per blush; an awesome deal if you ask me.

There was also one more blush called Bliss, which I already owned the single of, so I gave the new pan to a friend. I talk about Bliss in my Top 5 Favorite Blushes post, if you're interested.

The blushes can be a tad powdery, but they have great color payoff! 
I love that this set only came with two non-matte blushes! I love matte makeup!


I love that this has a great purple tone to it, that's hard to come by in drugstore makeup. 

Hanky Panky
This is a bright medium pink blush, usually not a color I go for and I must honestly say I haven't gotten to try this little guy out just yet.

I don't yet know how to use this little guy. It's too orange to be a contour or bronzer, but it's kind of deep to be a blush for my fair skin. I have to use it very lightly and it's most useful for when I'm going for a deeper sun-kissed or slightly burnt look. It does pair well with Kat Von D Lolita or other sienna-type colors on the face.

This one is stinkin' gorgeous and would actually be an awesome eyeshadow too! It has a shimmer finish, but that's what makes it special. It's like a duochromatic blush and I think that's very unique. 

Spell Bound
I thought this looked like an excellent go-with-everything neutral blush, but it actually pulls a little more pink than I would have thought on my complexion. I still like it though. 

Summer Fling
This is a nice pumpkin orange kind of color. It's not a super bright orange than can be difficult to pull off, it has that little bit of depth to it that makes it easier to wear. I think it's great for a sun-kissed summertime glow, but it's also nice for a warm fall look.

At first, I thought this one was a little too yellow toned. It's like a way more yellow version of Bliss, which is my super favorite MUG blush. It's nice to use to neutralize or tone down really pink blushes though.

Head Over Heels 
Even though this one is not matte, I actually really like it! It gives a gorgeous lit from within, definitely not overboard, flush of color. I usually prefer corals over pinks, but this one actually works really well on my complexion!


Here are three different pics of the same two shadows. I'm attempting to show you the duochrome property, but it's really difficult to capture this way. 

Phantom is a light lavendar with pink shift. It applies great with either a finger or brush. The only issue I have with it is in the way the color shifts; I find it best to pair with a base, otherwise in some angles, it doesn't look as pigmented as possible (see pic below). It's a great color when the light hits it straight on, but when it's from an angle, I feel like it's lacking.

Mai Tai is a great fiery pink orange that reminds me of a sunset. I find that applying this one with your finger works best. I just haven't found a brush that packs it on for the best effect. This color works a little better from all angles than Phantom does. 

They are both stunning colors, you just have to play around with them to see what works best for the look you're trying to achieve. 

Thanks so much for reading!

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