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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Diary Review :: LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser

     A Diary Review sounds like an interesting concept to me, let me know what you guys think.  The idea is to take a long time reviewing a product (a couple weeks or so) and documenting my feelings about it as I have the time.  To see how the product has grown on me and also to be more aware of possible changes/reactions to the product.  I really hope this is helpful, after all, beauty oftentimes is just one big experiment.

     I want to begin by telling you about my skin type, because personally, when I search for skincare reviews, I think that's the most important aspect.  Everyone reacts differently to products and I always like to know the skin type of the reviewer I am reading on.

My Skin Type:
I have oily skin, especially now in the heat and humidity of the summertime. I naturally also have relatively large pores and get the occasional zit, but I'm not super acne prone.

DAY 1:
First Impressions:
I used this cleanser last night and removed it with a damp warm wash cloth, as instructed by the saleswoman who recommended this product.  I just massaged it all over my face and didn't let it sit before I removed it.  It still left a slight residue on my skin, which I decided was okay because maybe it would act as an overnight moisturizer.  When I woke up this morning, my face definitely felt more oily feeling than usual, but I didn't notice if it actually looked more oily.  I did not wear any makeup other than a brow pencil and it cleaned that off very well; however, it usually doesn't take much to remove that anyway.  The product definitely just melted onto the skin and it felt oily/greasy, but not necessarily in a bad way, I felt that the oil in it would help remove all kinds of makeup and just from using it last night on a bare face, I have very high hopes for this product as a makeup remover.

DAY 2:
Another no makeup day.  My skin doesn't look oily after using this product, but it doesn't feel like that typical squeaky clean like with my regular cleanser.  Some say you have to fight oil with oil, well, I've never tried that before, but we'll see how this product goes in the long run. Currently I am only using it at night.

DAY 3:
Another no makeup day.  I used my typical cleanser this morning and noticed that I start feeling oily after 4 hours or so... Tomorrow I will use Ultrabland in the morning to see if it makes me feel oily sooner or later than my normal cleanser. (the past two days, I've only used this cleanser at night)
Also, after my nighttime use of this product, I think I've decided it feels more waxy than oily/greasy.

DAY 4:
I used this in the morning and after 4 hours I do feel oily, but not as bad as I did yesterday when I used my typical cleanser. Hmm... could just be a coincidence, if you have oily/combination skin, you may know that some days are just not as bad as others, depending on the weather, your activity level, etc.

DAY 5: 
I  used this product in the morning but not before bed because i did not feel oily like usual, so I didn't feel the need to deeply cleanse my face. However, today was a much cooler and less humid day than lately. Also it was another no makeup day. I promise tomorrow will be a makeup day. :-p

DAY 6: 
Today I did not feel nearly as oily as usual and I even spent most of my day outside in the heat. It removed all of my makeup wonderfully, except my waterproof mascara didn't budge, which was somewhat expected. My pores are looking smaller and I'm feeling less oily every day.

For an update, my oiliness is definitely reducing, I don't feel like a grease-ball at any point during the day.  I am really surprised that a product like this has helped my skin.

     Overall, I would recommend this product to both those with dry and oily skin.  It has brought a totally different light on the issue that is my oily skin.  I never really considered using oil to fight oil, but I'm a believer now.  I have been using only Ultrabland and bar soap & water to wash my face for 2 weeks now (except on day 3 when I used my regular cleanser to compare) and I have definitely noticed a difference on my skin. (I typically used this product once a day, usually at night as a makeup remover/cleanser)  I haven't gotten a single zit since using this product, but I'm not super acne prone either, so that could be just a coincidence.  My pores look smaller and most importantly, my oiliness has reduced.  I won't say I have normal skin now, it still gets oily, but not unbearably oily like it used to.  It is definitely an awesome makeup remover, it's so gentle and overall just feels so much better than rubbing constantly with cotton pads or makeup removing wipes.  If you are looking for a new makeup remover especially, I would recommend this.  It does take a couple days to get used to the idea of smearing waxy/greasy stuff all over your face in order to clean it, but it really worked wonders for me personally.

Lush's website:
LUSH Cosmetics

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know what you think about this style of review.

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