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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Whipped vs. Original

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        Revlon Colorstay Whipped has been my holy grail foundation for probably a year or so now but when I started running out of my latest jar, I figured it was time to try something new because my skin has been getting oilier and oilier this past spring and summer.  I just knew something needed to change and when researching what foundation I should try next to deal with my silly skin, I found Revlon Colorstay, which everyone else loves, so
I figured it was about time for me to try it out as well.

     I purchased 150 Buff in both and they are a dead on match. (keep in mind this may or may not be the case for all colors)

    I LOVED Whipped because it was the only foundation I ever tried that kept me from feeling like a greaseball under my foundation in the summer, yet at the same time treated me well over the drier winter months too.  I never had an issue with shine and the foundation lasted all day long.  I must say the one thing that the Original has over the Whipped is that it would for real last 24 hours, while Whipped really only has like 12 hours of great wear in it.  When I swatched Original at the store, it lasted about a day and a half on my arm when I only used soap and water on it.  It came off properly with makeup remover, but soap and water didn't phase it, whereas, with Whipped, soap and water would take it right off.  But that's really all about personal preference, does anyone really need a foundation to last a day and a half and it can also make you worried if you're really getting all of the makeup off your skin, which could lead to breakouts and other unhappy thoughts.
     First of all, I purchased Revlon Colorstay Original in the Oily/Combination formula, and it occurred to me, Whipped only has one formula, not two for different skin types... interesting.

     Original definitely has more of a chemical-y smell than Whipped, but it doesn't bother me once it's applied.
     They both have a matte finish, but I must say Original is more matte, whereas Whipped looks a little more natural.  However, Original does take a couple minutes to set and become its true color while Whipped is the same color as it looks in the jar as soon as you apply it.  I find that Whipped seems more moisturizing than Original, which probably has something to do with the fact that my Original is specifically for oily/combo and Whipped has no specification.

     In the end I would recommend both and I don't know if I could choose one or the other honestly, I think they are both just awesome in their own ways. If anything I might say Original is best for the spring/summertime and Whipped is a good fall/winter foundation, if I really had to put a label on them.

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