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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review :: LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask

This is the first mask I have tried from LUSH and I just can't wait to try more!  It just sucks that since it's a "fresh face mask" they don't last super long and my closest Lush store is about a 45 minute drive, and I don't usually go down that way, so I probably won't be making trips every month to get a new one. :-(

I asked the sales associate which mask I should choose to combat my oily skin and she recommended this one or the Cupcake face mask.  After smelling them both, I decided on this one, Catastrophe, because the idea of smearing cocoa all over my face just didn't sound appealing.  I'm not a super chocoholic and really don't care too much for that idea.

Catastrophe smells pretty good but almost has an alcohol smell to it too.

It dries to a mud mask kind of texture, so I think it works well for oily skin by really dragging out the oil with that powdery finish.

My face felt nice and clean afterwards, but not squeaky clean like all of the moisture is gone and your face is super dry.  In the morning I still felt somewhat oily (I used the mask the night before), but I'm always oily by morning.  My pores are looking smaller, which I also noticed since I've been using Ultrabland as my makeup remover.  So far, this LUSH stuff really seems to be helping my silly skin.

This mask is a bit messy though.  Because it has those chunks of blueberries in there, sometimes they can fall off while you're smoothing the mask on.  My particular mask seemed to be a little on the dry side after the first use (could have been because I didn't mix it well the first time I used it), so I just add a bit of water to my fingertips when I smooth it on and it works fine. Also, as the mask dries, if you applied it too thickly, you may also experience flaking of the mask off of your face, just as a head's up.  I use the mask relatively thinly on my face to avoid this.
Overall I love the feeling of it; the powdery finish, and the way it makes my skin feel afterwards & I can't wait to try more, plus these are on the more affordable side of Lush stuff, in my opinion, at $6.95.

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