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Friday, September 4, 2015

NEW Maybelline Baby Instant Cheek Flush - Pop of Peach and Pinking of You

I was drawn to pick these up when I first saw that they were coming out. I got both available colors from Target and I thought I'd share my thoughts on these new items so you can decide whether or not you need to run out and get them!

I got both shades. Even though I typically like blushes to be more on the orange/peach side of things rather than the pinky side, "Pinking of You" is not too bright of a pink and I do enjoy it, I think it's a great neutral blush color, it's muted enough for me to enjoy.

These are similar to an EOS lipbalm product format, but they have a handy little tail that allows you to hold onto it better than the EOS balms with their round shape. 

The two colors have different consistencies. "Pinking of You" is more creamy and pigmented, whereas "Pop of Peach" takes a few swipes to build up the color and it seems like the product itself is harder, not as soft as "Pinking of You."

They have a nice fruity scent that isn't overpowering.

They are very easy to blend. I use the bottom of my Beauty Blender and it works perfectly. Fingers work nicely too. 

They are quite creamy, but they don't set. They remain VERY tacky on the skin. With my oily skin, I am not a fan of that aspect. It makes my skin look oily already as soon as I apply them first thing in the morning.

Perhaps due to their very creamy consistency and non-drying down formula, they don't have great staying power. After about six hours, they have lost about half of their color. And that's on a day inside working in an office, I don't see them holding up at all out in the heat and humidity. By the end of the day (10 hours), there's really no color left to talk about.

Although, personally, I am not a fan, I can see how these could work for those with dry skin, those who really like the glowy skin look, or even those just starting out with makeup. They have a great amount of pigmentation, not too much or too little, so you shouldn't go overboard too easily with the color.

For the bottom line, I'd recommend you pass on these little newbies.

Thanks so much for reading!

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