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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 23 - 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 23 - Feb. 12-18

Our baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016!

Watch my video update here.

Haha! This is totally TMI, but I'm sure somebody out there is curious about when this takes place, so here we go. This week I officially cannot see the lady bits.
Also my bump was looking uneven one day this week and I mentioned it to Justin, so he came over and looked at it and agreed that is was more rounded to one side. Last time I noticed this, he couldn't tell, so the bump is definitely growing.

Maternity Clothes:
Got a new pair of pants a size up so I can be comfortable. There's quite a bit of room to grow in these ones so hopefully fingers crossed, they'll work until the end. Oh, they're also boot cut so my ankles won't suffocate. Also got a new shirt because it was cute and I couldn't pass it up. Don't worry, I'll feature it in a lookbook or ootd someday soon. I really want to get more into showing off my outfits. I even had a request for it on a recent update video, so I better get on it! The crappy thing is the only time I get to wear anything cute is on the weekends, so I gotta remember to show you guys on those couple days.

Good. I painted my nails before Justin and I went out for Valentine's Day and I injured one nail while putting on my seat belt. I told Justin he was lucky he had me for a pregnant wife, because there's some ladies out there who would have cried over this. Haha.

Still loving those Greek yogurts, I'm hooked on the whipped ones this week, they have a little less protein but I love the texture. Controlling the snacking is still going great, I even did well over the weekend, which is the hardest time!
Some days it feels like the extreme hunger is back. There are just those days when I eat my regular breakfast, but am starving by 11, when I usually wait until noon to have lunch. 

Sleep & Dreams:
I woke up in the middle of the night after a dream and said to myself, "remember this dream to record on the blog!!!" So I didn't do that very well. I can only remember part of it, so here is what I remember. I saw a newborn baby in my dream. He had thick dark brown almost black hair that was kind of poofy and maybe almost a cm long and he had little brown eyes. I don't think it was supposed to be Calvin, but for some reason I just felt in my heart that it was Calvin.
Now it's perfectly logical for Calvin to have brown eyes and brown hair because that's what I've got. Justin was born blond and has green eyes and dark brown hair now. My dad has brown hair and eyes, my mom and sister have dirty blond hair and green eyes. So realistically, Calvin could have any combination of light/dark hair and light/dark eyes. Now how creepy would it be if Calvin looks just like this baby from my dream? Haha. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I don't want to think of it that way. Funny thing is, as I was reading the baby apps for Week 22, I saw that his eyes don't even have color yet. Hmm...
Also had a couple scary dreams. And I'm pretty sure those were the first dreams I've had where I wasn't pregnant. And I think I'm getting better at remembering my dreams this week at least.
I also had a dream with my Grandpa Nick in it. He died when I was like 10. I can remember seeing him walk around. There was just something about the way he walked that I always remember, he just had a particular step or perhaps it was a limp. I don't remember anything else about the dream but him. That same night I had another dream where I looked down at my belly and I looked like I was in shape. I definitely was not pregnant and my abs looked pretty good. Haha.

Moderate energy this week. It's getting to be a pain getting up out of bed or off the chase part of the couch and I really need to lay on the other end of the couch haha.

It's been crappy. It's been snowy and cold nearly all week so we only got out for one walk.

Physical Symptoms:
Lower back aches have begun. It's not a constant by any means, but some days you can just tell that it feels more strained.
Sometimes my hips feel somewhat achey. It's nothing intense, you can just tell that they're different.
Round ligament pain is intense again. Sometimes in the middle of the night, it hurts to even straighten out, I have to lay with my legs curled up.
Restless legs - I need to look into compression socks or something. By the end of the day some days I just want to walk in circles to keep them from laying still and hurting. Laying them flat or above my heart doesn't help, but sometimes sitting straight up on the edge of the couch helps a bit.
More stretchmarks have appeared. I am definitely your example for the fact that lotion and body butter don't prevent them.
I can't remember if it was early this week or last week, but I had a massive horrible calf cramp in the middle of the night. It was horrible. Thought my leg was gonna fall off. Then my calf ached for like two days afterwards. Pretty intense.

I can definitely notice movement on the sides of my belly these days. I can tell that the uterus is wider.
Ok, someone tell me, can he smell in there? From what I've read, it seems to be a very iffy topic, and even those who say he can smell say it starts at different weeks in the pregnancy. So I need an answer because when I cook dinner, especially something very fragrant, he goes crazy. He moves around like a little crazy dude. I've noticed it off and on for a couple weeks now, but I really noticed it Monday night when I was making fried rice and orange chicken. The scent of that orange sauce was intense! Am I excited about dinner and that's making him excited? Can he feel the heat of the stove? Or is it just coincidence? I know he has patterns to his movements and I make dinner around the same time. I'm just curious! :)
Justin felt a good kick Monday night laying in bed. With me laying on my side, I had him wedge his hand between my belly and the bed. He looked pretty excited because it must have been more intense than the first time he felt him. :) Calvin just goes crazy before bed pretty much every night but Justin doesn't have the patience to just sit there with his hand on my tummy waiting for him to move again.
Also you can definitely see the movements these days too. :) I really like that. 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Valentine's Day with my lovely husband. Our first as a married couple and our last just the two of us. :) We went out to Longhorn Steakhouse and that filet I devoured was delightful! Haha. Justin had a medium rare steak and every other time I looked at it I couldn't decide if I was disgusted by it's rare-ness or if it looked melt-in-your-mouth delicious. I used to love medium rare steak, but the last few years I keep liking my meat more and more done. Of course I have to order well done these days since I'm pregnant anyway.

Baby Purchases:
No baby purchases, but I always get sucked into the baby section when we go shopping. Just for looking. I just don't want to go crazy til after the shower (which isn't until May 1! so close, yet so far away!).

What I Miss:
I actually kind of miss being able to hide my bump. I haven't really had any strangers ask about it lately, but I'm a shy person and just don't want to have to talk to random strangers about my belly. Haha. Not looking forward to less than sweet comments. Can't wait til somebody asks if I'm about ready to pop... Oh man, not looking forward to those kinds of comments! I love my bump, don't get me wrong, I just don't like strangers. Haha.
I do love being pregnant though, overall. I love feeling our baby boy in there. I am finally in love with the way I look right now. Dressing the bump is fun. Wondering about what Calvin looks like is fun. I'm glad I'm enjoying it instead of just waiting and waiting for the day he arrives. I'm glad I'm able to just live in the moment throughout this whole experience instead of always wanting it to be over with already. I know, I know, this is my first pregnancy, somebody is gonna tell me how much the third trimester sucks, blah blah blah. I really just love the positive outlook I have right now though. I really try hard not to let the negativity get to me. I know I rant on here a lot, but I think that has therapeutic qualities for me. Lol.
The first trimester went by super fast after we got through weeks 4-6 and wanting to tell everybody! And I'm glad the second trimester seems to be taking its time.

Random Thoughts:
I want to see Justin hold our little Calvin sooo bad! I think I'm more excited to see him with this precious little boy than I am to hold him myself! :)

Thanks so much for reading!
Alaina and Little Calvin

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