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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Lipsticks of the Week : 2/15-19 : Matte Liquid Lipsticks

As a continuation of the post last week (maybe we can make this a thing?), let me show and tell you guys about the lip products I wore this week. And now we have pictures of the products on my lips too!


Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme - Gorgeous
I thought this looked more like a deep purple/pink fuchsia color in store, but it's actually pretty much a deep red with a berry tinge to it. Still a pretty color, just not what I was expecting. I hate how lighting can do this!

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip - Koala
Still keeping with the matte liquid lipstick trend, I wanted to wear something I hadn't worn in awhile (or ever worn to work lol). Not exactly the best work appropriate color, but my job isn't really a very formal situation anyway. I find that this is one of those colors that isn't going to look flattering on everyone. When I wear this with little makeup, it looks crazy, but paired with some concealer and winged liner, it balances out better.

MeMeBox I'm Lip Crayon - Natasha
This is the first time I wore this lipstick. I got it in the mail from MeMeBox Tuesday night. As soon as I put this color on, it really reminded me of MAC Ruby Woo. I love the finish of it and it still has a little bit of tackiness to it to make it more comfortable on the lips. It does transfer, unlike MAC Ruby Woo which has so very little transfer. I really like this lip color.

MeMeBox I'm Lip Crayon - Greta
This one seems to be a little more dry than yesterday's Natasha, but still a beautiful color and finish. It's a super easy, wearable, everyday color. The only issue is when I opened this guy up the product fell out, it was broken at the base, so now I have to be careful with it.

MeMeBox I'm Lip Crayon - Vanessa
The packaging makes this color look like it will have more purple in it, but it's really just a dark red, in my opinion. The dryness level seems to be right in between Natasha and Greta.


I hope you enjoyed another week of my lipsticks. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. The Milani color is gorgeous. I really need to check out their lip products.


    1. The Milani formula is really nice too. I have been really enjoying it.

  2. what lip liner would you recommend for the Milani Gorgeous Lip Cream? I find that the applicator/ formula prevents getting that crisp line. I'm sure it'll work by applying with a brush and using concealer, but a liner would be best