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Monday, July 31, 2017

Best Bottom vs. Buttons Inserts Review & Comparison

Here is my honest review of four AI2 inserts.
The Buttons microfiber inserts were sent with a couple Buttons seasonal prints I was privileged enough to receive in exchange for posting pics on Instagram. All other were purchased by myself with my own money.
We use Buttons covers day in and day out in our household. We love them!
However, we don't just use Buttons brand inserts, we also have Best Bottom inserts, so here I have a little breakdown for you comparing two of each brand. 

The contenders are:
Best Bottom Bamboo (Medium)
Best Bottom Hemp (Medium)
Buttons Bamboo (Large)
Buttons Microfiber (Large)

Let's hop in!


I'd call Calvin an average wetter at this point in his toddler life. Usually when I change him right at the 2 hour mark, the Best Bottom inserts are only half soaked. The Buttons brand usually only seem like 1/3 soaked. So just judging by that fact, I'd say Buttons will hold more pee.

Buttons Bamboo wins.

Buttons Bamboo is significantly shorter than the others

Perceived Comfort Level

Best Bottom Bamboo (Medium)
super soft and flexible and seem really comfortable
Best Bottoms Hemp (Medium)
very stiff if line-dried, pretty stiff if you line dry and then toss in the drier for 15 minutes, but much more comfortable if you completely tumble dry them (totally would not recommend if you like to line dry)
Buttons Bamboo (Large)
like a pillow, fluffy and thick
Buttons Microfiber (Large)
soft and fluffy

Best Bottom Bamboo wins.

top to bottom: Best Bottom Hemp, Best Bottom Bamboo, Buttons Microfiber, Buttons Bamboo


Best Bottom Bamboo (Medium)
trimmest in the crotch
Best Bottoms Hemp (Medium)
ever so slightly shorter than BB Bamboo
Buttons Bamboo (Large)
thicker, bulkier, and wider, but definitely shorter than the others
Buttons Microfiber (Large)
longest of the bunch, I don't think they shrink at all

The thing that gets me about sizing on the Buttons inserts is that they are both the same size Large, but the microfiber is significantly bigger than the Bamboo after prepping. Perhaps they were the same before prepping, but in all reality, what matters is after.

Best Bottom Bamboo wins.

left to right: Buttons Bamboo, Buttons Microfiber, Best Bottom Bamboo, Best Bottom Hemp

In the end if I could do it all over again I'd buy all Best Bottom Bamboo inserts. They are so soft whether dried on the line or in the dryer. They are flexible and trim in the crotch, so I think they are the most comfortable for baby, especially one who's on the move!

A couple little extras to note:
Although Buttons Bamboo are more absorbent, we simply don't need more absorbency. I am always changing Calvin at the two hour mark.
We keep our Buttons Microfiber in the diaper bag, so they are not in frequent rotation. Just from the research I've done, I prefer natural fibers in the daily rotation. On the other hand, we haven't had any negative experiences with microfiber either.

I hope this was helpful! Let me know your favorites and why. :)


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