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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Slowly Introducing Cloth Diapers to the Grandmas

Tomorrow my mom will be beginning her journey in using cloth diapers on my son Calvin, who is 14 months old. We've been using cloth at home since he was 9 months old, but we had so many disposables that it has taken this long to go through them at grandmas!

Some background: My mom watches Calvin on Thursdays and Fridays, my mother in law watches him Monday-Wednesday. My mom has run out of disposables, my mother in law still has some.

So let's hop into this transition.

First Impressions

Neither grandma was very enthusiastic about this new adventure.
Neither had cloth diapered us when we were little, but they still had this negative first impression of what cloth diapers used to be, not knowing all the changes that have taken place in recent years.
Let's just say they did not seem enthused to be going at this, but they were willing to try it out to make us happy.

However, once they saw the super adorable diapers and how easy they were to use, they were both much more accepting.

Here's where we are currently...

Calvin started wearing cloth to the grandmas' houses about a month ago I would say. They change that one cloth diaper in the morning and put disposables on him all day. When he gets home with us, he wears cloth. It's a really nice balance and I think it's an awesome way to start getting the grandmas used to cloth slowly, instead of just throwing it at them all of a sudden out of nowhere.

So it's worked out awesome that one grandma ran out of disposables before the other. This gives us the opportunity to get used to doing laundry more frequently, without jumping right into a full-time thing. As well as simply getting used to packing cloth in the diaper bag, we'll also be able to keep track of how many diapers are being used and if our stash is sufficient for full-time use.

The Steps We Took
1: We used cloth at home for several months before introducing it to the grandmas. (We actually took is very gradually as well. Only using cloth in the home, then out and about, using disposables at night, eventually working our way up to full time in about 2-3 months.)
2: We would send Calvin in a cloth diaper to the grandmas but they were able to change him into disposables with that first diaper change of the day. This allowed them to get used to tossing the cloth into a wet bag. They were able to see him in cloth and get a little dose of cloth once per day.
3: My mom was the first to run out of the disposables so we switched her over to cloth completely.
4: (yet to be accomplished) Both grandmas use cloth full time, and so do we. Cal is an all cloth all the time baby.

I'm super excited to get the grandmas on board with this! :) I hope they enjoy it as much as they can.

Thanks for reading!

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