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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pixi Nail Colour - Charcoal Celebration

Here is another nail polish review! I had never noticed that Pixi had nail polishes until I went to Target last week and they had a display on one of the end caps, which of course I had to check out, and ended up buying one of the polishes.  They had some really nice vibrant colors, but I've been on the hunt for darker, fall colors lately, so I picked up this charcoal colored one called Charcoal Celebration.

Overall, this is a pretty decent polish, and it should be at $8 a bottle.  
The bottle also contains less product than most other nail polishes I own at .25 fl oz or 7 ml.
The first coat is pretty crappy, and at first I thought "holy cow, I paid $8 for this?" But with the second coat, it looks gorgeous and perfectly opaque. 
This polish dried pretty quickly as well, which of course is always a plus. 
And the wear on the polish surface was really nice.  Sometimes I'll get a polish that will get dull or scratched on the surface and it's no longer pretty, shiny, and fresh looking, but this polish kept its shine and beautiful surface the whole time I wore it.

Day 2: Slight wear on tips, still better than most polishes I have tried.
Day 3: One nail chipped.
Day 4: A little more wear on tips, but really not that bad.

Overall, yes, I would check these out if I were you.  I  know one nail chipped on me in three days, but it must have just been a fluke because the wear on the other nails were not bad at that point.

Thanks for reading!

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