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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review :: Flower Beauty Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color - Nude Narcissus

I have the Flower Beauty Pocket Fleur Trio of lipcolor in PF7 and the light pink shade on top is my favorite nude that I have ever come across.  The Pocket Fleurs have very little product and the packaging is crappy anyway, so I was on the hunt for a similar color.  I figured, let's start with Flower first since that's where I found the shade to begin with.  So I went to Walmart and picked up "Nude Narcissus" from the High Shine Lip Colors.

Although these two colors are not a match, pretty much not even close (lol), I still like them both and think they give a similar effect when on the lips. Keep in mind, the perfect nude is very dependent on your skin tone, so just because I like this one definitely does not mean it will work for everyone or even that everyone will like it on me.  But I like it, so that's what counts, right? :)

The Pocket Fleur and this lipstick both have the same scent and they seem like a similar formula. 

Nude Narcissus has a somewhat frosty finish which I thought I would never ever enjoy, but I actually like it with this lipstick.  Some days (like when I haven't exfoliated my lips in awhile) it can show up patchy.  It actually doesn't really sink into lip lines, like most lighter lipsticks I have found.  It also does not last very long on the lips.  I would say in 3 hours you're going to need to touch up even without talking or drinking excessively. 

I am surely not writing this review to tell you that all the lipsticks from this line are the same.  I realize the vast differences that can take place between colors, especially since the color I am reviewing is so very light.  I still hope this was helpful and I hope you found something of value in here. :)

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  1. Love the Nude Narcissus color!:) I've been wanting to try some things from her line.

    1. Thanks! I've been really impressed with pretty much everything I've picked up from Flower. :)

  2. The pink nude color you were looking for is actually Morning Glory :)

    1. Holy cow are you for real? Gonna have to run to Wal-Mart now. Thank you, thank you!