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Monday, August 10, 2015

Lush Movis Facial Cleanser Soap Review

"Fresh-made goodness"
"Grab a slice of Movis for a rich and moisturizing clean. This face soap is the first of its kind – its spongy texture is packed full of wheat-based ingredients and is rich in vitamin E to help skin look smooth and radiant. Whole wheat breadcrumbs are mixed right in to help exfoliate and revive the skin, while gently scrubbing away any dry bits. And with cleansing labdanum and sandalwood oil, your face will feel refreshed and clear." LushUSA Website

The squishy texture of this soap intrigued me. And even the breadcrumbs, which I initially thought were oats, seemed interesting to me too.


I don't think I really like this one! Sorry Lush. 

It doesn't lather as well as either Coal Face or Fresh Farmacy (see my comparison of the two here). I sure do like cleaning things that have a nice rich lather, personally.

I don't think I'm a fan of the breadcrumbs either. They stick to the sink and make it look messy. And I don't even find that they are exfoliating anyway. They're really soft and don't have enough grit to them if you ask me. It's just like getting random fluffs in your cleanser.

And I don't seem to see a difference in my skin either. It takes so much effort to create any kind of lather and then once I actually get it lathered up, I don't see it doing much of anything for my skin either.
It's neither drying nor moisturizing.

Overall, this is one item I wish I could return. I should have gotten a smaller size or a sample! Now what am I supposed to do with it?

I hope this was helpful!

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