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Sunday, January 10, 2016

NEW Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick Review & Swatches

Okay guys, enough of the baby talk. Even though you're still going to see plenty of it on here, let's spice things up and head back into the good ole makeup and beauty world! I know I haven't put up a lot of makeup stuff lately and I am soooo sorry, I just wasn't feeling it for some reason. But with all this new stuff coming out lately, I finally got a little bit of inspiration to hop back in.

Today let's talk about the NEW Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks...

I picked these up in a little Ulta haul of several new drugstore products. So look forward to seeing a handful of other reviews coming soon. I love matte lips (and pretty much all matte makeup in general), so I was very excited to try these out and give you guys my thoughts!

Application after 30-45 minutes (satin-matte finish)

Nude Thrill - This is an excellent medium nude for my pale skin. It has both brown and orange undertones, but it's really the perfect balance of both. It's similar to my natural lip color but a bit darker.

Fresh application (glossy)
Pink Charge - A light/medium pink that is actually a really flattering shade. It's not quite as intense on the lips as you might thinking looking at it in the tube. Personally, I see more coral-pink in the tube and just regular pink in swatches or on the lips.


These feel great on the lips and really don't transfer as bad as you would think. Let me explain... They feel so liquid on the lips that you would think simply drinking from a water bottle all day would remove them. But they don't transfer too bad and the color sticks around on the lips pretty well. They feel super comfy and moisturized without feeling heavy! And it's a genuine moisturized feeling, not just a feeling of wetness on the lips. However, with all that being said, it takes them quite awhile to dry down to this "matte" finish, probably about 30 minutes. But once they get there, it is a beautiful soft matte finish. It's not this super duper bone-dry finish that so many matte liquid lipsticks have these days. It's definitely not glossy, but it's just a beautiful finish, truly.

The formula feels and looks like a whipped gel-like consistency. It applies evenly and builds on itself well. It doesn't do anything weird when you apply a second layer, even if it's a couple hours down the road and you're just touching up the color.

Since they are not drying and actually moisturizing, I almost think these have a plumping effect. Not an artificial, make your lips tingle kind of plump, but just a nice moisturized and healthy looking plump-ness. I think they are super flattering on the lips and don't accentuate any kind of lines on your lips. They even out the surface and your lips just look great!

I find that the moisture is gone after about three hours of wear time (and I am constantly drinking from a water bottle FYI), but the color is still looking pretty good with Nude Thrill and okay with Pink Charge. The color isn't perfect at three hours, but I reapply for the moisture.


I didn't notice any difficulty in application due to the applicator. I usually don't like this kind of flat tipped applicator, but this one actually wasn't bad and I didn't have any issues with it.


It has a fragrance that I'd call something like fruity paint? It's hard to put my finger on it but I honestly just thought it smelled fruity as I was initially applying it. But once I intentionally stuck my nose up to it and sniffed it, I could definitely smell something chemically too. I usually don't pay much attention to scent in makeup, but after seeing TotalMakeupJunkie101's review video, I had to check it out intentionally. She also mentioned a terrible perfume-like taste to the lipstick in her video, but honestly I think it's sooo sooo very light and I only get that taste when I intentionally licked my lips to inspect this aspect. I never notice any weird taste in normal wear.

So overall, I really like these, but I honestly wish they had chosen another name for them. Having "matte" in the title of this lip product is very misleading, if you ask me. They take a long time to settle into their soft matte finish, therefore I think they're more similar to any regular lipstick that loses its sheen after a couple hours, not a matte liquid lipstick like we all have seen all over the market lately. That's really my only gripe. I think they are not marketed or named properly, but they are really great lip products otherwise. I just feel like Maybelline put the "matte liquid" name on it to make people attracted to it and want to buy it because it might be a dupe for another true matte liquid lipstick on the market. That's my opinion anyway.

Thanks so much for reading!
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