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Thursday, January 14, 2016

NEW Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft Matte Hydrating Foundation Review

I ordered online and picked up shade 05 Warm Porcelain. It was the second lightest (I'm usually shade 2-3 in most lines anyway) plus it had the title "warm" in it. I have warm toned skin, but I always have an issue finding a good shade that's light and warm from the drugstore. I always find the lightest shades have too much pink in them for my skin.

I honestly find this foundation to be more on the neutral side, not warm. However, it does oxidize after just a couple of hours to have an orange-ish tint and it looks a tad darker than before. For me, that's great because it gives it a warmer undertone that's slightly darker which suits my skin better in the long run. I know that won't be the case for everyone, but for me, the oxidization actually helps.

I have super oily skin, a pimple every now and then, some redness, just to give you an idea of what skin situation I'm viewing this foundation from.

When they say "our first gel-whipped foundation," they mean it. That's a great way to describe the consistency.

I would call this medium coverage. You can still see some imperfections through it, but it covers my redness. It still gives a great base for the rest of your makeup, in my opinion. It also has a very even coverage and lays well on the skin. It is buildable to an extent, but be careful because it is possible to go overboard and cake it up.
It doesn't settle into my fine lines or smile lines much at all. You really have to be examining it to notice that and it takes 7+ hours for it to happen anyway. Even my favorite Revlon ColorStay can settle into my lines after just a couple hours!

This foundation is not transfer proof. I just want to get that out there right off the bat. 
After 7 hours, you can see slight break down around the nose. Oil is still under control. 
This foundation feels light on the skin. Usually, when wearing a foundation all day, at some point I start to feel and look oily and it feels like my skin weighs a ton! This foundation doesn't feel that way. Some days I totally forget I'm wearing it because you really just don't feel it on the skin. 
Even when setting it with a very light dusting of powder, the shine was minimal. When I set it with my typical heavier application of powder, it look so gorgeous all day! 

I think those with normal or dry skin can totally get away without using any powder to set it. I just don't feel comfortable pulling that off with my oily skin. 

This is a long-wearing foundation, but it's not a 12 hours+ foundation like Revlon ColorStay is for me. It will last all day for most people (8 hours), but it's just not the longest wearing foundation I've come across. It does start to break down around the nose after 3-4 hours. You can easily pat the foundation back in, but it never goes back to being as great of a finish like in the beginning. Also at around the 7-8 hour mark, you can start to see that it's just wearing off in places where you may have touched your face (for me, it's my chin).

Overall, this is an awesome everyday foundation for me. It's great for days I don't want or need super heavy cakey makeup. It looks just beautiful on the skin and holds up for a normal day of wear. It's not something I would choose for special occasions or super long days, but for everyday wear, it's perfect.

Thank you so much for reading!

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