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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Week 16 - 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 16 - Dec. 25-31
OMG look at that bump!

Baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016.

Watch my 16 weeks pregnancy update video here!

Let's just say my last remaining pairs of non-maternity pants are having to go un-properly-buttoned these days, especially in the afternoons.
OMG! Got my first comment on the bump from a random stranger! He asked if we knew what we were having yet. I think it's because I whispered to Justin that my belly had been super itchy that day and he must have overheard me. I was super surprised, I didn't think I was showing that much for random others to notice, but it made me happy! Yay! I don't just look fat!

Maternity Clothes:
I received my orders from PinkBlushMaternity.com (one order of three that they sent me and one order of five that I purchased myself). I measured myself according to their instructions because their pants sizes are weird numbers that I'm not used to. The tops I ordered in smalls and they fit perfectly, but all the bottoms I got were awfully tight and I even got those in mediums. So I'm waiting on exchanging those now.
I also purchased a couple more bras. I got two regular ones just a couple weeks after I found out I was pregnant. Then a couple weeks after that I got two sleep bras which I wear around the house. These newest two are similar to sports bras, but I'll wear them on a regular basis most likely. It's still so strange to me... I've worn the same bra size pretty much since I first got boobies, now both my cup size and band size is bigger and it's like what do I do with these things?
I think I underestimated the amount of new clothing I'd need (especially this early on!). I know I don't "need" any new tops yet, but bottoms are definitely a must, and the same goes for bras, I can't even look at my old bras. I didn't realize how stressful it is to put on a pair of pants and not be able to fit and I seriously have an all knew respect for those who deal with weight fluctuation. It's disheartening to me, and I'm pregnant and I know that this is all a natural process that's taking place right now inside my body, yet at times it stresses me out. In the past, clothes shopping was fun, a way to get new cute stuff. I never really thought of clothes shopping as "buying the necessities," but that's what it's become (with a few cute pieces in there too lol). Wow, this whole paragraph just screams materialism and #firstworldproblems, doesn't it?

Saturday night I don't even remember what happened, but it was hilarious to me and I could not control my laughter and I started crying in happiness. This has happened before over a super adorable baby in a bear outfit a few weeks back. Then Sunday morning I was having an unhappy day and I cried for stupid reasons that were really nothing.

I've been really working on eating better, especially in the snacking department. Work snacks include: sweet pickles, Yoplait cotton candy flavored yogurt (I know it's for little kids but it's just delicious), and clementines, grapes, apples, bananas. I snack much better at work than I do at home because I only bring "better" stuff to work. As opposed to being at home where a variety of good stuff and junk food is available (sometimes it's just hard to resist the junk food).

As you may have heard, I got my Leachco Snoogle pillow for Christmas and it's wonderful. I must say it sucks to get out of when it's time to get up and pee in the middle of the night, but otherwise, it really is nice. It makes the bed look stupid because I just cover it under the blanket, but it's all good, nobody comes in our room anyway. My cats both really like to sleep on or against it during the day. However, I think it makes our oldest cat upset at bedtime because I used to keep a big body pillow next to me and she would lay on that by me. This pillow is less wide than the body pillow so there isn't enough room for me and her to both use the pillow. 

Had a dream that I went to the gym, saw some chick I went to high school with, and somehow we got into a fight and I said something along the lines of "I might be pregnancy but I can still kick your ass!" Haha. Wtf?!

Guys, I think it's finally returned! Yay! I stayed up till almost 11 on both nights over the weekend! Just in time for New Years Eve!

My sister got us all (Me, Justin, and our sister Lindsay) Jawbone Up Move fitness trackers for Christmas. And I really do feel the motivation to workout and walk more since getting this little guy! We all became teammates, so we can see who is doing the most walking, and just checking out and comparing myself to the others really does prove for some great motivation.
So, with that said, I made a little prenatal workouts video YouTube playlist in case you guys are interested. I did one or two of these videos 3 or 4 days this past week. Woo hoo!

Physical Symptoms:
My nose has turned from stuffy/runny to super dry. I don't know if that has anything to do with the pregnancy, but I just thought I'd mention it.
Round ligament pain is still a thing. It seems to be happening more often in everyday activity, like when I get up off the couch or roll over in bed.
I had one day of cramping last week and this week I had another. Last week it was a little intense but this week it was much less. And neither really felt like menstrual cramps, I wonder if it's just because the sensation is over a more wide-spread area since my uterus is now much bigger than before. I know that everything says not to worry, cramping is normal, but it still worries me every time.
Also, I don't know if I'm mentioned this before but holy f sometimes my sneezes are so stinkin' intense and sudden that I think my whole body is just gonna explode. And I get way more of those fake out sneezes than I ever have before.
Had a couple little headaches this week, but as we know, I get those regularly anyway, it just sucks because in the beginning of my pregnancy I was hardly ever having them and I thought, "wow, being pregnant is awesome, no more headaches." But that was just a lie...
Also on two occasions this week, I totally felt like I had morning sickness, but I said, "no way man, you've been done with that since like week 10." But that's exactly what I felt like, like I felt so bad because I needed to eat but didn't want to eat because that idea made me feel even yuckier. Maybe it's still the hormones being weird, or perhaps it's a continuation of the stomach bug I had last week?
Here's a funny one with a little TMI. Justin began a conversation with me by saying, "can I ask you something and you promise not to get offended?" I said yes because I really wanted to hear what he had to say. Haha. Then he asked if my nipples were darker than before. I told him yes and if he had been reading the pregnancy book I got him he would know this. Haha.
In the last week or two I've definitely noticed increased itchiness on my belly. I would get itchy every once in awhile before, but it's definitely much more noticeable and frequent these days.
I also feel like my boobies might be on the verge of another growth spurt (of course, literally the day after I bought the new bras). They've been somewhat tingly feeling at times and just a little bit more sore than usual. They have so far only had that one initial growth spurt right in the beginning, but I hear they can have random ones throughout the pregnancy, so we'll just have to see. Good thing the two bras I just bought are pretty stretchy and not really restricted to a certain cup size.

I kinda thought I felt something Sunday night when I was just laying there trying to feel anything. I wasn't sure though and it only repeated a couple times. It felt like a finger tap from within, that's the best way I can describe it. Once again, unsure if that was really Calvin moving about. I didn't gasp or freak out or anything, but ever since then there are times when my tummy just feels different. It really is hard to tell if it's just my hunger (because I'm f'n hungry all the time) or if there really is something going on in there. It definitely feels different though. It's like a very very light rumbling or almost tumbling feeling, like he's rolling around in there or something.
It may be a little late, but I finally have been able to feel my uterus this week! I know this might sound weird to some but I was really happy about it, I kept thinking, "is this it?" but this week I am sure of it. It's already a couple inches above my pubic bone, so I should have been able to feel it for awhile now, I guess I just wasn't checking as often as I could have been. 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Justin curled up next to me on the couch and napped Sunday. It was actually very nice and relaxing and reminded me of the days earlier in our relationship when he worked really weird hours and would pass out at my parents house all the time. Lol.

Baby Purchases & the Nursery:
Calvin got a lot of stuff for Christmas! My mom made him some super cute clothes, my sister made a blanket, my other sister got him a teeny tiny newborn outfit, Justin's mom got some baby bath products, socks, and two little frames with ink pads to stamp his hand and foot on. Everything was just so cute! So, do you remember that time I started crying because of the baby in the bear outfit and how cute he was, well, my mother made him one, plus a little hoodie with bear ears on top! OMG. So many cutes.
Justin hung up a little decorative shelf in Calvin's room and he finally put up some shelving in his closet too (the closets didn't have shelving when we moved in, so they've all been a gradual process). We also kind of rearranged things but I think we really won't know what to do without having a dresser in there. We're still on the search for that piece of furniture.

What I Miss:
I actually started to miss partying this week because we're planning a New Years Eve party at our place. I really don't like drunk people when I'm sober, so this should be fun. Haha. I kinda wish I could join them in the drinking and partying and whatnot.
And, if we're being honest here, I miss cleaning the litter box. I'd clean it everyday, let's just say my husband doesn't. :) My sister Ryann came over the other day and I got her to empty it! Yay! Thank goodness for Ry! Justin throws a fit and says it doesn't need to be cleaned more than a couple times a week, so I just stopped asking him to.

Doctor Appointment:
This was a super quick appointment this week. We really just got to hear Calvin's heartbeat (which was at 160-something) and then we were told the next appointment would be our anatomy scan! I'm super excited for that visit because we'll get to see our baby boy when he is actually looking like a baby, unlike at our super early ultrasound when he was just a tiny little blob. Lol. It's so crazy though to think how much he's grown already!

Random Thoughts:
I try not to curse on this blog or on YouTube, but I have a rant for you today. If you don't like to hear cuss words, I suggest you just exit now and pretend that I'm still this super delightful internet lady that you read and see on YouTube. Ha. But I absolutely MUST get this off my chest.
I am sooo fucking tired of everyone saying dumbass remarks along the lines of not being able to sleep once baby is born, along with whatever else that pops into their heads. Holy shit. I'm only 15 weeks and I want to punch every single person who says that in the fucking face. Especially the dudes... and it seems like the dudes say it twice as much as chicks... OMG. Hate it. I should just start saying whatever dumbass words pop into my head, except I have this really cool thing called a fucking filter and a brain that controls it. Holy shit. Can't wait for the other great comments to come. (If you haven't read this article on wonderful pregnancy comebacks from Pregnant Chicken, go now, read!) I just seriously don't get it. Why is it that everyone only talks about the most negative and terrible things about having children, why the fuck did you have kids then? if you view it all as this terrible burdensome misery that we all have to share in?

In other news, when we first found out about our baby, I felt like the first couple weeks took forever to pass! Then weeks 6/7-11/12 just absolutely flew by! I still feel like it's going by quickly, but perhaps ever so slightly slower than those weeks in between. It's just so weird. I already worry about Calvin growing up. I worry about how fast everything is going to go by! Honestly, it blows my mind already.
Before I got pregnant, I always thought I'd have so much anxiety and worry over the actual process of giving birth while I was pregnant, but up until now I never gave it a second thought. I know I shouldn't worry about it this early on and I shouldn't be worrying in the first place! But the past couple weeks I've thought more and more about the actual process of giving birth and it's starting to freak me out. I just have to tell myself, ladies have been doing this forever, I can handle this, plus all of our medical advances these days are on my side too. I need to stop worrying. That's one thing I've realized this week, I don't want to be anxious and afraid. It's not good for me, Calvin, or Justin either. And that's why I let it all out here for you guys! You get to hear all of my worries, whinings, etc. Thanks guys for listening to me! Feel free to complain in the comments below. I think ranting is helpful. :)

Thanks so much for reading!
Alaina and Little Calvin


  1. Oh squeels reading "Love Alaina and Little Calvin" :)

    So exciting to think you may start feeling him moving around soon! I know a friend of mine said that when baby started moving for the first time it felt like she was having fluttering in her tummy - almost like butterflies every now and again.

    Sorry that people are being d*cks ... some people just don't have filters unfortunately and think they are being funny! :/ I know it's hard to brush off those comments but as soon as baby arrives he will be your entire world - and you won't care about getting up in the middle of the night however many times as long as he is in your arms! I feel bad for them really because they clearly haven't experienced that - and you are perfectly entitled to be frustrated and annoyed with them!

    Send me their names .. I'm on it .. haha ;)

    1. Haha. I know it's only going to get worse and I know I shouldn't let their comments bother me. I think this whole pregnancy thing is giving me a short temper. Lol. But yes, I can't wait to start feeling him move more and more! It's so exciting and going by so quickly!