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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 19 - 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 19 - Jan. 15-21

Our baby boy Calvin Lee is due June 17, 2016!

I don't know why I look so confused... lol
It's so funny looking back even just a few weeks and seeing my bump pics. I thought it was so big then, but look at it now! I can't imagine what it's going to look like in a month or by June for that matter! Haha. It really does grow so fast. Everything just happens so fast! Every time I have Justin take the weekly pic, I look at it and say, "holy cow it's so big!" I'm so happy we're documenting the bump growth on this journey. I can't wait to look back at all these posts in the future. :)
Got another comment on the bump, kind of. I work at the same place as my dad and somebody asked him if I was pregnant. Lol. He said they were very hesitant whether or not to ask.

Stretchmarks have arrived. :( I think it's a little early for this stuff! Haha. They're faint and small, but I'm pretty sure that's what they are. They're on my upper thighs. I know I've been gaining weight there so it really shouldn't be a surprise that they've appeared this week. It just feels too early for this man! I was actually quite upset about this, more than I thought I would be. I knew it was inevitable. I really think it's the fact that I'm not even halfway there yet and who knows how many more could show up by the time Calvin comes! I think it might also be that I feel like the thighs are worse than the belly. You can see my thighs in shorts, but nobody needs to see my belly! It's easy to hide belly stretchmarks. And I don't want to wear long mom shorts for the rest of my life! O man, let's stop stressing about this. Perhaps this should go under the "emotions" heading, I'm taking this a little too seriously.

Maternity Clothes:
Went to Target with my sister Ry and found some maternity stuff on clearance. I found my favorite sweater in another color and had to get it! Also got a $4 dress that will be cute with or without the belly, and two pairs of pants that I can wear to the gym or for pajamas. My regular pajama bottoms with elastic bands are getting too tight and just plain annoying, so I'm happy to have a couple more options.
Also, I think my hips have grown wider this week. It seems that my pants are getting a little tighter there. And not just my usual getting fatter tighter.

Once again, I think I'm pretty good. Like Justin said early on in my pregnancy, I'm more pleasant now than I was before I got pregnant and I agree. I can realize (after the fact) when I'm being a psycho, and I really don't think it's been bad. I always tell you guys when I have a breakdown or freak out on here anyway, so you'll know if I start being crazy again. :)
But let's be honest and I'll just tell you guys a little bit of my thought process lately though. Sometimes I do get upset and feel that Justin isn't quite as into the whole pregnancy thing as I am, but I always have to remind myself that he's a guy and dudes sometimes just take it differently, ya know? He even made this statement the other day. I asked him if he constantly thinks about Calvin or if he sometimes forgets about him and he said he actually doesn't know if it's truly hit him yet and he referenced how I can feel Calvin and he can't. So I understand it might just take awhile for reality to hit him and I try not to get offended by it. This is a big, scary and new time in our lives and I know we both have adjusting to do.
But, I do notice he will just look at me and smile randomly more often. Usually it's when I'm standing and to me it always looks like he's checking out the bump. Lol. So that makes me happy.

I really don't think I have any more cravings than I normally would. I wanted a DQ MooLatte Friday, but I like those on a regular basis. I think the difference is these days when I have a craving for something I like really really need it, whereas before I got pregnant I could deal with not getting it. Not pregnant Alaina would say "mmm, that sounds good, maybe I'll get it tomorrow." But pregnant Alaina says "omg, I'm gonna die if I don't get that now!" I also have noticed throughout my pregnancy that I want to drink flavored drinks a lot more. I used to be totally content with just plain ole water. And I do still love water. But I never used to crave soda or anything like that. These days, I just want something a little more exciting than plain ole water. It's not a crazy craving where I'll kill someone if I don't get it, but it's definitely a different craving that I've never had to face before. I just want to mix things up and have a flavored drink every now and again. 

Finding a comfy position and avoiding my back has been difficult these days. I just really want to sleep on my back. Haha.

I dreamt that I could see Calvin moving from outside my stomach. But it was weird because I had my normal tummy back, it wasn't big.

Well, I was being pretty crappy at the start of the week. Then I got out of the shower Tuesday and saw the stretchmarks on my poor thighs, so now I'm back on track. Perhaps just some good blood flow to my legs will help. I know I need to take better care of them! My legs were looking pretty sexy at this time last year when I was running regularly. I miss those legs. :(

Physical Symptoms:
Light-headedness is back, which hasn't occurred since the very very early days of the pregnancy.
The boobies had another growth spurt. I know I mentioned it a couple weeks ago that they were feeling tingly sometimes, so I guess that was my warning. Might have to invest in another bra soon. It's just so hard for me to spend the money not knowing how long it's going to last! Yes, I know I should get another nursing bra because it's practical. But they're all either cute and expensive or ugly and cheap. Haha. And by expensive I mean over $20. I just can't justify it for a bra that may or may not still work for me and my boobies by the time Calvin comes, you know? There has to be somebody else out there who gets what I'm saying!

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Justin and I were laying in bed Sunday morning and Calvin was moving around like crazy. Justin was still asleep and I didn't want to wake him because you still can't really feel Calvin from the outside and I didn't want to wake him for nothing. As soon as Justin woke up I put his hand on my belly and Calvin just stopped moving about. Lol. Justin even tried talking to him and he wouldn't budge.

So while I was laying in bed with Justin, I thought I felt him move from the outside. But I needed Justin's opinion to prove it wasn't all in my head! Lol. I could feel him from the inside and just couldn't determine if I really felt him outside too or if I was just imaging it because I felt it, does this make sense? It felt like a wave under my skin from one side to the other. That was Sunday, and I again felt it once on Monday too. 

Baby Purchases:
I ordered a crib mobile from Target this week. (it probably won't arrive til next week so I'll show you a pic in next week's post) I was beginning to compile a list for our registry and saw that we didn't have a mobile, so I figured we'd just buy a cute one and get it out of the way.

Wedding Ring:
I didn't think I'd have to start this section so soon, haha, but the rings are definitely getting tighter. My engagement ring is still doing good, but my wedding ring (which is like ever so slightly smaller) sometimes doesn't want to come off very easily. So I ordered myself a little sterling ring on eBay for the time being to replace my regular band. Let's just hope the engagement ring fits for the remainder. In other ring news, I have a really awesome white howlite ring my mom made me that is usually somewhat loose, but it fits perfectly these days, so that's a bonus. Ha.

What I Miss:
Sleeping on my back or my tummy, anywhere but on my side! I also miss not getting offended by all the dumb things people say. O! I also miss not having to give a second thought to having many glasses of tea at dinner. Caffeine intake still somewhat freaks me out. I try not to drink it very often, but lately I've been craving iced coffees and teas.

Random Thoughts:
This week Justin and I have been discussing work after Calvin arrives. We are thinking perhaps I'll be able to stay home one day a week with Calvin and only work four days. It seems like it might be feasible, but like Justin said, we'll just have to see how it goes. I know he's not looking forward to my maternity leave, my job doesn't pay anything (that's American for ya), but I know we'll be fine. Might have to cut back on the makeup spending, haha, not that I'll have time for all that fancy stuff with a newborn anyway!

Trying to get Yuna to take a pic with me. 

Thanks so much for reading!
Alaina and Little Calvin

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