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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bath & Body Works Mason Jar Style Candles Review :: Harvest Coffee & Blackberry Spice

     Just thought I'd give you my thoughts on these candles, just in case anybody out there in the world kinda cares and wants my opinion on them.  Pretty much the things candles need to be graded on, in my opinion, are...

How long will they burn?
How scented are they really?
(and super importantly) Do they burn evenly?

These candles are 6 oz and they say they will burn 30-40 hours.
The large size of BBW candles are 14.5 oz and burn 25-45 hours.  I found this somewhat interesting.  So these little ones could potentially burn and last longer than the big giant ones.  Judging by the multiple times I have burned both of these candles, I believe they will last a very long time, just like the packaging claims.

The scent on these are not super strong.  And I don't think it's just because of the small packaging, because I have small BBW 4 oz 20-30 hour candles that can fill up my room no problem.  I think it's just the formula on these ones.  This can of course be a huge bummer to some who really want everything to smell like their new candle, or a better alternative for those who really can't take super overpowering scents.  I have my days when a burning candle will give me a headache and just bother me all day, so I understand that side.  These candles have never once given me a headache from the scent, because it is light enough not to bother me, but you can still actually smell it, so it's not a waste of money, it all just comes down to your preferences. 

Blackberry Spice: There is definitely a spiciness in this scent, like cinnamon, I would compare it to BBW Leaves, which is one of my very favorites.  It's less powerful than Leaves though, like I explained before.  There's just a hint of berry and some kind of greeness.  Man, I'm bad at describing scents, the label on the candle, is much better lol.  It says "fresh picked berries, crushed cloves, cinnamon bark, and vanilla cream."
Harvest Coffee: I'm not really a coffee drinker, though I do enjoy it once in a blue moon.  However, I do so love the smell of it!  I must say the cold throw (scent of just the candle when not lit) is sooo good, but once the candle is lit, it's not as awesome, which of course is a bummer.  Not that when it's lit it sucks, it just doesn't even do justice to the unlit scent.  Described as "roasted coffee beans... & creamy vanilla foam."
I've always had issues with the small BBW candles not burning evenly and tunneling, one thing I absolutely hate hate hate about candles.  I usually use my small ones on a candle warmer for this reason.  However, with these, they burn so perfectly and evenly, I haven't had a single problem with tunneling on these.

Overall, I would recommend these and they're super cute too. :)

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