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Monday, August 19, 2013

LUSH Dark Angels Review

On my third visit to Lush, I believe I have found the product that will make my silly skin happy, along with a couple other products I'm really loving too!
I always heard that exfoliating oily skin would only make it produce more oil.  But I've always exfoliated my skin, regardless of this information lol.

DAY 1:
I used it last night and when I woke up this morning, my skin was HALF as oily as usual. And that's only with one use!

It did make my skin red for about 45 minutes or so after using it, but not bumpy red, just kinda irritated red, and it really wasn't that bad.

My skin did feel softer after using it, but I have not seen any improvements in the tiny little pimples deep under the skin.  They don't look like zits, they just look like teeny tiny bumps, but I know what's under there!

Holy cow, my oil stayed under controll all day! I washed my face with this first thing in the morning at about 6 am.  At 2:30 pm my face felt pretty much fine.  It felt a tiny bit oily, but nothing at all like it would normally.  I didn't even feel the need to blot at lunchtime, like I usually do.  At 5 pm I blotted just to see what the sheet would look like afterwards lol.  And it wasn't bad at all, not at all like my face normally.  It looked like my skin would normally look after like 3 hours, but it had been 11 hours!  Amazing!  First thing I have ever tried that worked this quickly for my poor skin.

DAY 4:
I love this stuff! My skin is so happy. lol. I've been using it daily, my skin still gets red looking afterwards for about a half hour, but I am ok with that because the oiliness is like nothing compared to before. :)

I wanted to get a small amount of this product because 1) it expires in 3 months & 2) I didn't know if I was going to really like it.  And as an exfoliator, it shouldn't really be used every single day, making half the time for using up all of the product.  I got $8 worth and this is definitely going to last more than the 3 months even by using it every other day.  I guess I'll have to get my sister to start using it too lol.

I reduced my use to every other day and my skin started to get oily again.  That is not cool.  It no longer makes my skin red after I use it, but this experiment of using every other day makes me worried that if I keep using it every single day, what if my skin just gets used to it and stops being less oily anyway over time? At least I can see that it's really doing something good if my skin goes back to being bad after I skip a day of use.

When I use this in the shower, I like to use the leftover bits on my hands on other spots that get rough and it smooths them and exfoliates really well on my body as well, which is great, since, like I said, this stuff expires in just a few months and $8 worth is a TON of product lol.

I also enjoy using this as a mask every once in awhile too. I never experience a stain left behind on my skin, like some reviews have mentioned.

I don't know if my skin has just gotten used to this product or what (like I feared) but my skin is back to its typical oily ways.  However, I've changed a lot of other things about my skincare as well, so who knows what is really attributing to this.  The teeny tiny bumps/pimples under the skin haven't really improved, when I really thought they would due to the exfoliating factor of this product, but I must say, I haven't really experienced any acne problems while using it. Although my oiliness is back, I'd still recommend this because it definitely showed major improvement when I first started using it.  Let me know how you like this product, maybe I'm just crazy lol.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone with oily skin, it really began helping my skin immediately after my first use.

Thanks for reading!

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