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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Review/Comparison :: Beauty Blender vs. Sonia Kashuk Sponge

The Original Beauty Blender (2 pack) is $22.50 with free shipping on Amazon.

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge is $10.49 at Target.

I have had my SK for two years now, I'm pretty sure.  It has held up through many washes, but I also do not use it everyday, maybe not even every week, so my two years of wear may not be a good gauge of its life span compared to others.  I usually wash it with antibacterial soap & Neutrogena Foaming Facial Cleanser or Clean & Clear Brightening Face Wash, or more recently, dish soap & olive oil, which works much better, fyi.  Although this sponge is nice, I have been really wanting the Beauty Blender for awhile now and I finally gave in and picked it up.

I picked up the Pro Beauty Blender because I figured the black wouldn't get stained and dirty looking as quickly as the pink, but that's really the only reason, I thought it looked nicer and this 2 pack was about the same price as the pink ones anyway.

The SK is a stiff sponge that does not expand when wet.  It can be hard to clean too because of its stiffness.  I have found that it does leave a nice finish on the skin and blends out well.  It doesn't really "bounce" on the skin, which makes it a little more difficult to use.  It also doesn't roll on the skin well because of it's shape. 

After using the BB and comparing, the tip on the SK is a little too rounded to get into the inner corner by your nose and whatnot, whereas the BB fits perfectly there and also is easier to squish or flatten if you really need more precision with the tip, but the SK is a little too stiff.

The BB's soft squishiness really makes it so much easier to work with and blends so much easier than the SK.  I find the finished look is the same with both products, but the ease of application is different.  The bounciness and softness of the BB makes it an absolute dream to work with.  I did find with the BB, sometimes it would slip from my hand because it doesn't have that grip middle section like the SK, but that's really the only fault I've found with the BB.  The SK is inferior, in my opinion, and when you buy the 2 pack of BBs, the prices are pretty much the same.  I love the BB and I would definitely recommend it.  Don't forget to check out places like Amazon or Ebay for deals!

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