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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Maternity Style - How Do I Style A Small Bump? - Is She Fat or Pregnant?

I just felt like rambling today so I hope you're on board here... today we're discussing the struggles of clothing options so far in pregnancy.

I am finding it so hard to dress myself right now at this stage. I am 13 weeks pregnant and my bump is growing every week. I'm pretty sure I only look pregnant to myself and the outside world just thinks I'm gaining weight. So what do I do?

Between weeks 7-9 I was involved in a big ole purge of pants. Haha. It felt like every single time I wore a pair of pants, I had to throw them into my closet in the "nope, this doesn't work anymore" bag by the end of the day. They were still fitting, they buttoned and zipped fine, but they were just so uncomfortable to sit in all day that I couldn't take it anymore. I wear jeans and dress pants to work, but on the weekend I would just wear leggings because they were too comfortable to pass up. And it took a lot for me to finally find some new pants that I liked and that were actually affordable (I am sooo not one for spending a lot of money on clothes, clearance makes me unbelievably happy lol).

I've been all over the internet, all over Pinterest, looking for inspiration, for help! I just want to know what is the norm? Should I just embrace this little bump and say "screw everybody who just thinks I'm fat" or should I keep trying to hide it? What do the fashion gods have to say about this dilemma?

When I wear baggy clothes to hide the bump, I just feel frumpy and unstyled. I just don't feel happy. I want to be able to show off my bump, but it's just in this awkward little stage right now. I know I'm going to regret saying this in the future, but, come on real baby bump, just get here already!

Even the "Second trimester" posts are not helpful because they are always featuring ladies closer to the end of their second trimester, which I think is unfair. There has to be somebody out there who is posting one outfit per week for her whole pregnancy, right? At least one outfit per week just for inspiration?! Now that I say that, what an an excellent idea... Maybe I should try that out!

So let me just tell you all of the maternity stuff I have collected so far, so you can get an idea of what I'm working with. Pants were the item that I needed as quick as possible, so I have more of those than tops.
dark gray leggings - Old Navy
lighter gray leggings - eBay
black capri leggings - eBay
full panel dark jeans - Old Navy (a little big at this stage)
side panel dark jeans - Target (a little big at this stage)
light wash elastic waste-band jeans - Walmart
medium wash elastic waste-band jeans - Walmart
black dress - Target (a little big and unflattering at this stage)
light blue sweater dress - Target
pink sweater - Target
black tee - Target
light green tee - Old Navy
white tee - Old Navy

I also got some tank tops, not all of them are maternity, but I got bigger sizes and looked for particularly long ones with nice stretchy, un-confining bottom hems that I think/hope will work throughout the pregnancy. I had been needing new basic tanks anyway, so perhaps I used baby as an excuse to get some haha. These are the colors I have collected thus far: purple (eBay), hot pink (Old Navy), black (Target), light blue (Target), orange (Gordmans), coral (Gordmans), and white (Target). I think the goal (if there is a technique involved here) with this has been to gather basic neutrals (jeans, black/gray leggings) and get color involved with the tops.

So the method of dressing myself (on the weekends when I can wear whatever and have to save good pants that still fit for the work week) so far has been...
leggings + long tank + cardigan/sweater/button-down, etc. 

I want to film a maternity haul but that would require me to do all of my laundry in one day to gather the items to show you and I just don't feel up to that just yet. Ha. Hopefully this weekend? We'll see. Then I definitely want to hop on the weekly outfit inspiration for everyone out there struggling with embracing the tiny baby bump! Don't worry ladies, one day we'll all have big giant bumps and we'll miss these tiny bump days! Haha.

So anyway, I just had to rant/ramble a little bit. If you know any bloggers out there who have great in-between baby bump outfit ideas, please tell me about them! I'll love you forever!

Thanks so much for reading. I hope there's somebody out there who understands my struggle this week. Haha.

Alaina and Tiny Baby

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