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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Baby Sex Old Wives Tales Tests

I thought it would be fun to share with you guys here on the blog a compiled list of all those silly little old wives tales pertaining to the baby's sex. Justin and I plan on doing a video on this little topic as well, but you guys get to know all my answers ahead of time because you're special.

We don't know what baby is just yet but will in a little over one week's time when we finally get our Harmony results and Justin reveals it at our reveal party! (I'm just so excited) So let's hop on in...

One little idea we have set up for the reveal party!

Boy     vs.     Girl
Under 140 bpm     Above 140 bpm
(heartbeat was 120-something at our first ultrasound, but 170 at 11 weeks, at our latest appointment)

More beautiful     Less beautiful
(zits everywhere, more oily skin)

Food Cravings
Sour & Salty     Sweet

Morning Sickness
Yes    No
(I had morning sickness, but looking back, it really wasn't that bad)

Dry     Soft
(It's not necessarily soft, but it is softer, usually this time of year (December) my hands would be killing me by now with dryness, but they're doing pretty well so far)

Sleep on ____ side
Left     Right

Clumsy    Graceful
(I was pretty clumsy in my first few weeks of pregnancy, but I don't think it's been so bad lately)

Moody    Pleasant
(Last I checked my husband said I was doing pretty well, so hopefully he isn't just lying to me lol)

No    Yes

Chinese Calendar - Boy

My own feelingBoy
(from what I've read this one is kind of iffy, some say trust mother's intuition, some say always go with the opposite lol, so we'll just have to wait and see)

I read this on the Intelligender website --- "Interpreting dreams of the pregnant woman. Cigars, trucks, snakes, telescopes = Boys. Tupperware®, keyholes, any fish, almonds, Prada®, Vogue magazine = Girls."
I would say according to this, I'm having a boy because I have dreamt of drinking and smoking on several occasions so far during this pregnancy ha!


Haha! I had no idea just how swayed this would turn out until I went through to answer the questions! From what I see here it looks like we've got ourselves a baby girl. We'll all know soon enough, I just thought this would be some fun little entertainment for us all! :)

Here's our full gender reveal video where we answer these and more old wives tales and tell you the gender of our baby!

Let me know if you have any thoughts on what our little baby will be! How did these types of tests work for you when you were pregnant?

Thanks for reading!
Alaina and Tiny Baby 

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