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Saturday, December 5, 2015

My Secret Diary Post - Week 11 - 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 11 - Nov. 20-26

Bump seems to be fluctuating this week. Over the weekend, it looked like a bump, it was there. Then Monday at work I pretty much looked like normal when standing up (it's a different story when I'm sitting down lol). So I guess since bump isn't actually baby yet, it just kinda does what it wants. Maybe I'm loosing some bloat/water weight a little bit. Who knows.

132-134 lbs (+7 lbs overall, steady from last week) Unlike previous weeks, my weight has been fluctuating a couple pounds. In previous weeks I would weigh myself everyday and come up with the same weight, this week, it's varied.

Morning Sickness: 
I think I'm finally out of the woods on this one! :) Just one incident last week, and none this week!

I feel like I'm eating better this week and last week. When I still had morning sickness, I was only wanting snacks because I knew they wouldn't make me feel gross. Now that the morning sickness has settled down, I am able to eat a lot of different things and try to stay healthy for baby.
I'm really working on cutting down on the snacking. I'm pretty bad about watching TV for a couple hours after dinner and just eating chips or cookies or whatever. This has been a terrible habit since Justin and I moved in together in May, so I figured it's time to try and get this under control.

I went back to the gym one day last week and I am making it my goal to keep going this week too! I haven't been to the gym since I got pregnant, so this is a big step up for me. Haha. Even though I'm just walking on the treadmill, it's making me feel better about taking care of myself and our growing baby. Even though my doctor said it was okay as long as I didn't get myself totally winded, I'm almost afraid to run/jog on the treadmill.

Maternity Clothes:
Now that I am almost to the 2nd trimester, I am ready to give in to maternity pants! Well, I've been ready for weeks now, but I finally ordered some pants that I hope will work for me. I just got them from Walmart so they're probably not going to be the best quality, but they were cheap ($13 a pair). If you care to see them, I ordered this pair and this one too. I got mediums after reading some of the reviews on the website. I must say, Walmart online sucks. I couldn't even find size charts for these pants so I had to go solely by the reviews. Thank goodness some ladies were giving their heights and weights to help you understand what size they were.

I feel like the mood swings might be ramping up this week. I still try to catch myself when I start to feel a little cray-cray though. I'm sure I've had outbursts, but I can't think of any right now, and I like to believe I have some control. I know I got a little pissy grocery shopping the weekend before Thanksgiving (I hate shopping when it's super busy, HATE it!) but I can get that way when I'm not pregnant, so I don't think that was anything out of the ordinary.
I do feel the urge to just break down and cry every once in awhile, but once again, I try to suppress it. Is this bad? What do you recommend? I don't just want to be a psycho and blame everything on the pregnancy, but at the same time, if it's better for me to just let it out, then maybe I should. And it's not like I bottle it all up for hours, I find the urges to cry or get angry only last a few minutes and then everything is back to normal.

I feel like since the fatigue is wearing off, it's becoming more difficult for me to fall asleep at night. I just don't feel the urge to crawl into bed right at 8 pm like I did for the past month.
I am starting to wonder if it's time to invest in a pregnancy pillow. I know they're kind of pricey, but I think it's gonna be helpful down the line. The only thing I'm kind of hesitant about it the idea that adding this ginormous pillow will be like adding a third person to our bed and I hope Justin's okay with it. Ha. Just wait til I have a big ole belly too!

I haven't been having as many dreams that I remember this week. Still some, but they're just not quite as memorable as previously. I did have another scary dream but totally cannot remember it! It's like I'll wake in the middle of the night and remember my dream, but by the time I actually wake up, I can't remember it at all.

Physical Symptoms:
Okay, here's some TMI, but let me just say fiber supplements are very useful at this stage.

Favorite Moment of the Week:
We went and got an artificial Christmas tree and put it up and decorated it this week and that was awesome. Even though we don't have a ton of special ornaments, just seeing the different items that represent Justin and me is really cool. I just can't wait for the years to come and to see all of the new ornaments we will get or make. We even got to take our first ultrasound photo and put it in a sweet little frame ornament that says "Love at First Site" on it. It's so cute. I think I'm going to use it as our announcement photo on Facebook for next week.

Since the "Daddy" section of the week usually coincides with the "Favorite Moment of the Week", I might just be skipping this segment in the future... We'll see how it goes, but this is just a heads up.

When to Announce:
So as you know, we told all of our close friends and family like the week after we found out. Ha! We still haven't made the "official Facebook announcement" yet though. We have a doctor appointment next Thursday (the last day of week 12) and I plan to tell right after that so long as everything is looking good. I am so excited about it! Excited to tell Facebook, but even more excited to tell you guys!!! I can't wait to start doing Maternity OOTDs and actually being able to talk openly about it! To post belly pics every week on Instagram, etc. Haha! I just can't wait! I think that's what's going to make it seriously feel real. I know it's real right now, but having to keep it secret to some but not to others is really hard! I just can't wait for the world to know!
I had to remind Justin we need to take the pregnancy announcement pic he wants to use for Facebook this weekend. But we also have to film our Youtube pregnancy announcement video! I can't believe the time has come so quickly!
I keep worrying about someone accidentally saying something on Facebook or Instagram. We had a close call this week where a friend of ours posted a meme that said "that moment when you realize you're eating for two on Thanksgiving." I know she meant well, she was just thinking of me, but she tagged me and I had to super hurry up and un-tag myself and message her. Thank goodness the only other person who liked it was a friend of mine who already knew. I worry so bad that there's going to be one time somebody does that and I don't catch it as fast! It's only a week guys, please contain yourselves. Ha!
In the beginning it felt like it was forever away before we could tell the whole wide world, but now it's almost time! At least it's time to prepare the things we're going to be using to announce. We gotta be ready to go! I hope the rest of this pregnancy doesn't fly by so quickly, but before we know it, I'm gonna have a real baby bump, not just fat stores! Haha. And then we'll have a precious little baby in our arms one day in June! Wow! I think it's getting real really fast!

Thanks for reading!
Alaina and Tiny Baby

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