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Thursday, December 3, 2015

My Early Pregnancy Symptoms during TWW - Pregnancy Month 1

I have been recording my symptoms these past two+ weeks because I sure hope it's going to be helpful for somebody out there some day and also because I was obsessed with symptom spotting and I really thought we did a good job trying to get pregnant and our hard work would pay off lol.

Note: I've only been off the birth control pill for two cycles, but I remember my cycles used to be anywhere from 21-31 days before I started on the pill eight years ago. I never missed an entire period, but they weren't exactly perfectly regular, just FYI.

My notes began around the time of ovulation, so let's just go by cycle day...

CD13 - lower backache left side in AM
CD15 - backache
CD16 - cramps 2-3:30 pm, fertile cm (this is the day I think I ovulated, I wasn't temping or anything so I can't know for sure)
CD17 / 1 DPO
CD18 / 2 DPO
CD19 / 3 DPO- cramping in the evening, a little bit of a melancholy feeling during the day
CD20 / 4 DPO
CD21 / 5 DPO
CD22 / 6 DPO - light left side cramping in AM, melancholia again AM, abs felt tight like I did crunches, got one deep left backache type cramping in PM, two zits (corner of mouth, mustache area)
CD23 / 7 DPO - lower left side cramps, tight feeling abs, (this or the day before is the day I think implantation occurred)
CD24 / 8 DPO - cold sore starting (I very very rarely get a cold sore, I can count on one hand all the times I can remember having one in my life), emotional wreck!
CD25 / 9 DPO - melancholia, emotional!, belly ache at bedtime, increased cm
CD26 / 10 DPO - now two cold sores, slight breast tenderness on armpit sides and underside, short of breath PM - (got my super duper faint positive in AM with FMU)
CD27 / 11 DPO - tired, fell asleep early, short of breath, (got my faint, but definitely there, positive in AM with FMU)
CD28 / 12 DPO - random zit on my hairline, tired feeling by 6 pm, short of breath
CD29 / 13 DPO - slight tired feeling after lunchtime, lightheadedness*

*Also for the entire week before my period was supposed to have started, I had very slight and short-lived lightheadedness on occasion.

8 DPO - nothing
10 DPO - faintest line ever that you probably cannot see here
11 DPO - faint but definitely there!
I tested again at 14 DPO and it was a perfect positive.

So there you have it, my symptoms leading up to my BFP. I hope this is somewhat helpful, entertaining, or informational for anybody out there going through the TWW.

Thanks for reading!


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