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Friday, December 4, 2015

My Secret Diary Post - Week 7 - 1st Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 7 - Oct. 23-29

6 Weeks 0 Days - I am super excited to be 6 weeks along today! 6 weeks seems so much safer than 5 weeks. 5 weeks is just so early, it's scary. Now that we've reached 6 full weeks, I am very happy. Still can't wait for next Thursday's doctor's appointment. We'll be 6 Weeks 6 Days then! :) We're like halfway done with the first trimester already!

I have felt bloated since the week we found out. I already have gained about 10 pounds since the springtime (I guess that's what moving out and getting married does to you:-P) so pants hadn't been fitting the best before I got pregnant anyway. But now I just feel like I'm in this weird in-between phase. Most of my regular pants aren't comfortable, but I'm nowhere near needing maternity stuff. I just need a few pairs of pants one size up, but should I invest in those knowing I'll only be wearing them a little while, not knowing how much weight I'll lose after baby or how soon the bump will show up.

Clothing is a big decision right now in my life lol. Maybe I caved and did order some maternity stuff from Target (because my sister Ry told me about all the awesome stuff she saw in-store and my local Target had a crappy selection). It's cool because all the warm weather maternity stuff is going on clearance since everyone who needs maternity clothes right now are going to be prego in the cold weather. So for those of you who just found out you're expecting, maybe go check out some clearance stuff right now! I know it's hard to choose because you don't really know how big you're going to get, how comfortable the clothes will be once you're growing, etc. But it's actually kind of exciting to look at maternity clothes, imaging the belly growing that big! and when they're on clearance, it can't hurt right? :) I ordered mediums in everything (I'm in between smalls and mediums lately). Thank goodness maternity sizes are the same as pre-pregnancy size stuff!

I told my sister Ry that pretty much all my pants were uncomfortable and so she brought me over a pair of dress pants that were kind of big on her and they fit perfect! Plus they're dressy pants, but made out of super soft pajama-like fabric, which is just great. You look fancy, but you're super comfortable. It reminded me that I also had a pair of similar dressy pants that used to be big on me too! So now I have two guaranteed pairs of pants that are comfortable (for now at least).

With all the talk of pants out of the way, I can't tell if I'm growing or if it's just the 10 pounds I've gotten over the past several months, but I feel like my very lower abdomen feels/looks more rounded. I am very excited for the bump (maybe because I am not in love with this in-between feeling).  

Ok here's one weird thing I noticed last night. So technically I guess it belongs in Week 6, but I'm putting it here. I have felt extra violent toward my lovely husband. Like at night, when he is breathing loudly and I can't sleep, I want to hit him and make him wake up. We took a walk last night and I can't remember what he said, but I just wanted to hit him. What the heck? Don't know what that's about, but it's definitely happened a handful of times. I just feel more inclined toward violence but just toward the love of my life! Haha. Weird things are happening in my body!

6 Weeks 3 Days - I have been so tired, so hungry, yet so sick feeling. It sucks. Everyday sucks. It's like a hangover, you just want to get sick so you'll feel better but it never happens. I wish I were sick, then at least I'd know I'm gonna get over it eventually soon. This could take weeks or months to get over! Ha. I am so hungry all the time but nothing sounds good, the thought of eating makes me feel yucky, but I can sense that part of me not feeling good is due to not eating too. It's this cycle of misery ha, that's too strong of a word, maybe just uncomfortableness.

I may have accidentally signed my maiden name today at work. Weird. I don't think that's happened yet in the four months we've been married. Gonna blame it on pregnancy brain. Ha.

I already feel uncomfortable sleeping on my stomach. I can't decide if it's uncomfortable because I'm already getting a belly or if it's subconscious and I'm trying to train myself not to sleep like that. Either way, it's a very strange thing because I usually prefer to fall asleep on my stomach.

I think the whole peeing a lot thing has set in finally. I pee a lot anyway because I do drink a lot of water throughout the day, but I have noticed over the past weekend that it's definitely increased. Great. I don't even have a giant baby laying on my bladder yet. Ha. Can't wait to see how this progresses.

We think Justin is getting the weird pregnancy dreams. I can't recall anything out of the ordinary just yet, but several times in the past couple weeks Justin has told me about his dreams and they are literally the weirdest dreams ever! It's interesting.

Up until this point I have pretty much exclusively thought of Tiny Baby as a boy. But all of a sudden today it hits me, what if Tiny Baby is a girl?! Now I can't help but thinks it's a girl. Haha. Justin and one of my coworkers thinks it's twins. So that's just great. We do have identical twins on both sides of our families, but I have read that identical is not genetic. (Actually my dad's grandma's twin died really young and nobody seems to know/remember if she was identical or fraternal, but they were both girls, so it could have been either way). I have cousins and second cousins who are identical (both on my mom's side) and Justin has a cousin who just gave birth to identical twins.

6 Weeks 4 Days - Today has actually been a pretty good day as far as the sickness is concerned (now that I've probably just jinxed myself lol).

I have been worried about my Justin lately. I feel like he's freaking out on the inside but says he's fine when I ask. He has been referencing the past a lot lately (like telling stories about his high school days). I know it's normal to freak out and I know sometimes it sucks thinking about the good ole days before we were grown ups and had real responsibilities, but I just wish he'd open up to me about it. So, this has been bothering me for a few days and today I asked my sister if she would text him and ask him something along the lines of, "so are you excited about baby?" just to see if he'd open up to her or something. Well, it helped. He didn't really open up to Ry but he texted me a cutesy message saying he was happy we were starting a family, yes, he's kinda freaking out, but he can't wait to be the best dad he can be. That just made me so happy! He really is the best.

6 Weeks 5 Days - Yesterday I had no morning sickness, but it's back today! Yay. That's really the biggest thing that's going on lately. I haven't really been having other symptoms. The boobs are pretty good, I don't seem to be having any out-of-the-ordinary cravings. Some foods still don't sound yummy, but I think that ties in with the morning sickness because it's usually when I feel sick and gross that I don't want to eat them.

We went to visit friends of ours who just had a precious baby girl on Sunday! She is so cute and tiny and just adorable. When I held her my heart was beating so fast just thinking I was going to have my own in just 8 short months! :) It made me want a baby girl thinking about them both playing together when they get bigger! And our friend told us she had the Harmony test that let them know the baby's sex at 12 weeks, so that made me excited again about getting that test done too!

I made the realization yesterday that pretty much no matter what, our next baby won't be close in school to our first baby. This is hard to explain, so get ready for probably too much wording. I love the spacing between me and my younger sister Ry. She was born in June 1993, and I was born in August 1991. She is younger than most of her classmates and I am older. She is only one year behind me in school (When I was in 1st, she was in Kindergarten). Now I always wanted my babies to be spaced just like that, one year apart in school, maybe even closer in age. But thinking about Tiny Baby, the only way he/she'll have a sibling one grade behind him/her is if we have our second like exactly one year after our first. And I don't really desire being pregnant that close together and I don't see it happening. But I am excited for a June baby. I can't wait to have our sweet baby boy/girl for our one year wedding anniversary! :)

6 Weeks 6 Days - Today we get to have our first ultrasound! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I keep having this idea in the back of my head, what if it's twins? But I think that's mostly because I feel like I'm already getting a belly and I just want to have something to blame it on (such as two babies instead of one).

I really do feel like I'm growing though. My last favorite pair of my old comfy jeans is finally a little too tight. Is this to be blamed on baby or am I just eating too much? I snack more often, but I wouldn't say I eat more, I just eat more frequently in order to help suppress the morning sickness feeling. And I feel like the boobies haven't grown since that one initial growth at the very beginning (they just look ridiculous in my old bras haha but I know they're going to change more throughout this whole journey so I don't want to buy a ton of new bras I'll only wear for a month or two. Right now I have two super comfy bras, one okay bra, and plenty of super comfy sports bras for days I don't really care lol). According to my home scale, I've been steady at 130 pounds for several days, I think I was 127 the day we found out. I read somewhere you're only supposed to gain 5 pounds the whole first trimester... well hmm.

So we went to the doctor and it's just one baby and everything is looking good. The heartbeat was 121 bpm (I know it was 120 something and I think she said 121). Anyway, they said that was good. There was nothing that concerned the doctor and we made another appointment for Dec. 3. The appointment was quick, but I'm glad it was very positive.  Baby's not even 1 cm long yet! Baby measured at exactly 7 weeks, but the doctor wanted to keep our original due date of June 17, instead of the ultrasound date of June 16.

Seeing baby was just amazing. Justin's eyes lit up when he saw it and I got teary-eyed. It was very cool. The ultrasound tech even told us the left ovary was the one that did the trick. That's pretty cool because that's the side I kept feeling cramping in right around ovulation and implantation time. I am just so glad everything is going great. It definitely made it feel so very real.

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