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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 15 - 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms, Overview, Updates, etc.

Week 15 - Dec. 18-24

Watch my video vlog update for this week here!

This week technically started on Friday, but Thursday night onward, the bump was here to stay! Sucking it in does pretty much nothing these days and I have finally decided to just go with it and embrace it. You might have seen that last week I put up a post kinda complaining about not knowing how to dress the bump (I actually wrote it about 2-3 weeks ago but finally posted it), but I think I'm getting used to it now. I really do feel like it finally just popped out of nowhere. I don't feel so much fat anymore, but I realize this is the baby starting to peak through, so we're gonna go with it. I even put up my very first maternity ootd post too!

Maternity Clothes:
I was actually contacted by a lovely lady at www.PinkBlushMaternity.com who offered to send me three clothing pieces, which, let me tell you, I was very very excited about. I don't have many super cute items, I just have basics for now. Right after I browsed the site for about an hour trying to pick out three pieces (which was super hard to decide on because there was sooo much cute stuff!), I also placed my own order because they were having 50% off already clearance stuff! If you know me, you know I just can't pass up clearance clothes! So I got myself some other stuff too, that I paid for myself. You'll probably see a blog post and video up soon enough featuring this line (or I might wait til my bump is a little bigger). I'm really excited to try them out though! The stuff is somewhat pricey according to cheapo me, but their clearance is great and it seems they have deals pretty often so the prices aren't bad when you consider that. We'll just have to wait and see what the quality is like before I make my final judgement though. I'll have eight items when it's all said and done so hopefully that will be a good sampling of their stuff. 

I think I'm back to normal after a few weeks of being a fool. I know I'd been bad at controlling my emotions for a little while there, but my sweet Justin is still just as great, supportive, and understanding as always! :)  

Let's just say I know what one of my Christmas presents is and I can't wait to open it! (psst. it's a Snoogle pregnancy pillow). I woke up at 3:30 am Saturday morning! Saturday! That was stupid. 

Still just as tired as usual... what the heck? :(

Since this is the week of Christmas, I honestly don't see myself going to the gym very often. So, in order to combat the desire to not exercise, I am shooting for some at home workouts. I am very picky when it comes to workout videos though, so it might take awhile to find a lady I enjoy watching, but that's the goal anyway!
Monday after work I did this workout video. I felt like a puny weakling, I had to take a couple breaks haha. Don't make fun of me.

Physical Symptoms:
OMG blew my nose Monday and had the worst round ligament pain ever! It went away very quickly, but dude, that sucked.
Heartburn and indigestion have attacked this week. Stupid.
Also, cramping is back. I hadn't really felt much for awhile but in the middle of the night one day this week it kept me up.

I wish! Still no feelings... I'm trying to though! :) I have been reading through others' blog posts and it's like everyone can feel something in week 15, I'm so jealous! 

Favorite Moments of the Week:
Our Gender Reveal party was great! Even though I didn't get to be surprised with everyone else, it was still a lot of fun and I was glad to see so many people happy for a baby boy. Also, not gonna lie, telling the internet baby's sex was very very exciting! I am going to go make a boy specific Pinterest board right now! Haha.

We haven't gathered anything new this week, but Christmas is coming and I'm sure Calvin will get something this year. :) I already know a couple things my mom has been working on for him (even before she knew he was a boy, she just had a feeling too!)

Baby's Sex:
Baby is a boy! If you watched my updates last week, you know that by now. And his name is Calvin Lee. :) You can also hear how we picked that name in my videos from last weekend.
Name Reveal Video
Gender Reveal Video
I thought he was a boy throughout the entire pregnancy (except for one week toward the beginning when I was kind of like, holy cow, what if it's a girl?!) so I really do wonder whether or not I just guessed and got lucky or if there really is something to the motherly instinct/intuition thing. I guess we'll have to wait and see with our next babies! :)

What I Miss:
I thought I wasn't prepared to learn baby's sex. I thought I'd miss the innocence of not knowing, but it actually didn't come as that much of a surprise to find out baby was a boy. I just couldn't imagine baby as a girl. So no, I don't miss the "not knowing stage," I honestly don't feel any different knowing.

Calling our baby by his name really does make it all so much more real. And this bump that's finally popped out of nowhere helps too. It's all coming together and I know 6 months might sound like a long time, but judging by how fast the first trimester flew by, I think we'll be meeting our precious Calvin in no time! :) I can't wait to start referring to him as Calvin in my vlogs, etc.
Holy cow, I started reading up on what's going on with little Calvin inside my tummy this week and OMG it's crazy. Apparently he's the size of a stinking orange! An orange! He can see light, like if you shine a flashlight on your tummy, he'll see it. He's growing eyelashes! Eyelashes! Wow! All that stuff is just crazy. If he's this big already, why can't I feel him yet?!

Thanks again everyone for reading! I am seriously so happy that you're on this journey with me! I love your support and kind words here and on my YouTube channel! I'm so happy there are already people out there excited to meet little Calvin!

Alaina and little Calvin

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